G-Money: Overview Of Services and Charges

Globally, digital money is the new money and so many businesses and ventures have come to accept and include this fact in their business dealings.

In Ghana, the most common form of Digital currency or e-currency is Mobile money. Be you a student, a trader, a business owner, a government worker or private sector worker, you have had to use the Mobile Money service at one point or the other in your dealings as a Ghanaian.

Interestingly, there are quite a number of Mobile Money service providers to choose from in Ghana. It usually comes down to which of them you fancy and which one the recipient uses.

However, there should be more reasons why people decide to use a certain Mobile Money service. Some of these reasons may be the services they cover, the usage points and the charges on transactions.

In this article, we shall introduce you to GCB Bank’s G-money mobile money service and the charges as well as services it covers.

G-Money Charges

GCB Bank’s G-money is the best among the rest when it comes to mobile money operation charges in Ghana.

On the market, G-money has the best Interoperability charges, the best Peer to Peer charges as well as the best withdrawal charges available presently.

Peer To Peer Fees

With G-money, you pay as low as 0.50 GHS when you send money below 1,000GHS to any mobile money account in Ghana. Irrespective of the amount you are sending, once it is below 1,000GHS, you are charged a flat fee of 50 Pesewas.

For those sending monies above 1,000GHS, it comes at a flat fee of 1GHS only. Interesting right? From 1,000GHS upwards, you pay just 1GHS fee whereas other Mobile money companies charge at least 1GHS for every 100GHS sent.

Mobile Money Interoperability Charges

With the new mobile money Interoperability policy introduced by the government of Ghana, individuals and businesses can send and receive money across all mobile money platforms in Ghana.

Of course, there is a caveat to it. The charges for such inter-network transactions are usually exorbitant. Some as high as 3 cedis for every 100GHS transaction.

Well, G-money seems to be the answer to our cry for better interoperability rates.

The G-money platform charges a flat fee of 10 GHS on all transactions from 1,000GHS and above while charging 1% on all transaction below 1,000 GHS for all inter-network transactions.

For withdrawals, G-money charges 1% on all transactions above 50 GHS and charges between 10 pesewas and 50 pesewas on transactions between 10 GHS and 50 GHS.

G-Money Services

As Ghana’s latest Mobile Money platform and the first to be introduced by a Bank in the country, G-money offers a wide range of services which makes its usability very flexible.

Some of the services offered by the G-money platform are listed below:

  • Airtime purchasing for all networks
  • Bank transactions
  • Payment of bills
  • Receiving and transferring money across various networks
  • Group contribution accounts
  • Depositing and withdrawing money through agents.

Also, check out each of the services offered by G-money.


If there is one thing that has become an integral part of our lives as humans, it has to be technology.

With time, technology has evolved and found a way to position itself in our homes, offices, business centres and public places each and every day.

One key change which technology has brought to the socio-economic sphere of the Ghanaian people is the way we handle money.

Today, the market woman doesn’t need to hold huge sums of money in bags from one place to the other. Thanks to technology, mobile money platforms are available to deal with this.

In this article, I focused on the newest mobile money platform in Ghana – G-money, its services, the charges and how it differs from the other mobile money platforms in Ghana.

I captured how G-money offers a flat rate on Transfers above 1,000GHS, how it offers a lower mobile money interoperability charges as well as the charges associated with withdrawing money from your G-money wallet.

I hope this article was helpful to you and it gives you reasons to register for a G-money account.

You can read more on how to register for a G-money account.

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