Heritage App: Discover and Tour Ghana with your friends

Have you ever thought of getting an app that teaches you everything about Ghanaian culture?

Maybe you are like me who will like to explore more about our tradition and culture and learn histories about our dear nation or you are just visiting Ghana.

Luckily there has been an app for that now; learning about Ghanaian tradition, history and many things has becomes a lot easier with a new app called My Heritage.

What Is Heritage App?

Heritage app is an app offered by MTN Ghana Ghana, it was first released on August 6, 2019. the app currently has over 1000 downloads.

What Does This App Offer?

The app covers Ghanaian heritage culture, tradition and many more and this app also helps you to learn and track your roots, takes you through some heritage quiz and many more. Without wasting much time let me take you through the features of this awesome app

Before taking you through the features in this app, first, install the Heritage app on Google play store and Apple Store and then sign up either with your Google account, Facebook account or enter as a guest.

I won’t recommend you to sign up as a quest as when you do that, you cant enjoy all the features in this some, a guest feature has limited access to the features on the app, eg: A guest feature can not participate in the Heritage Quiz.

You can get the Heritage App on Android and iOS.

Features That Can Be Found In The Heritage App

Cultural Contents

When you sign up into the heritage app, you are going to get contents on culture and tradition, pictures and videos of traditional events, you can like, comment and also share them.

View Locations Of Tourist Attractions

Heritage app has a map in it that you can use to search for your favourite tourist attractions, it does not only give you the location and the meters but this app gives you the history behind that tourist attraction and the date it was established or discovered.

On this app you can search for many things, you can find categories like Lifestyle, Arts, Tourism, History, Language and Expression.

It also has categories on regions such as Northern, Asanteman, Volta, Eastern, Central, Western, Upper East and West, Greater Accra Ahafo and all the 16 Regions in Ghana.

When you click on each of the regions, this app will show you the location of this region on the Ghana map, and also teach you the history behind that region on how it was created, how the name came about, language and many more.

Share Your Experiences

The app does not only let you know about your roots, but it also gives you the chance to express your experience on the places you’ve been before, the events you have attended and many more, you can also post things related to Ghana on the app for people to also see, share and like.

Make New Friends

Yes, you heard me right, this app also lets you make new friends, you might find pictures or videos on this app and would love to interact with the person who posted it, heritage app gives you the chance to chat with that person and make new friends.

Join Groups

There are variety of groups that you can join from, maybe you are bored and will love to mingle with some people, maybe you would want to learn about a specific region or event, heritage app has groups that you can join, the groups are based on regions, festivals, stories untold, anansesem, folktale (my favourite), historians and many more.

With this app, you can get real-time news right in the app, you can get up to date news without the need for installing any news app.

Take a Quiz

You can also take a quiz on this app, after going through the app or learning about a certain region or festival, you can then head to the quiz section to test your knowledge.


The heritage app is a must-have app if you want to learn about Ghana culture and heritage, with this app you will get to make new friends, learn about the regions in Ghana, make new friends, share your experience, search for anything related to Ghana culture and many more.

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