Visiting Ghana? Here Is Your Tech Guide for 2020

Ghana is home to about 32 million people, a beautiful country with beautiful people. If you are visiting Ghana as a tourist or you are here for work, we promise you will have a memorable experience.

There are over 100 ethnic groups in Ghana with English as her official language.

This guide will help you have a wonderful time in Ghana.

Fixing up your means of communication

You will need a sim card for the period of your stay in the country. The major players are Mtn Ghana, Vodafone, and AirteltiGO.

Whichever one you choose to use, you will need to get the sim card registered. All you need as a visitor to do this is your international passport.

Picking a Data Plan

Staying connected to the internet is most likely something you want during your stay. All of the above service providers offer various data/internet plans you can choose from (daily, weekly, monthly).

You should pick the one with the fastest internet in the location you will be staying in.


The popular online platforms; Airbnb and are available in Ghana for you to book nice apartments or hotels for yourself in your preferred location.

You can get accommodations based on your budget. 


Just like what you find in developed countries, Ghana is not an exception to ride-hailing technology.

You can easily commute in the country with Uber, Taxify or the recently launched Dropyn. You can download the apps to get started.

Ordering food

This is made easy for you with Jumia Food and Eziban. You can order food online from the convenience of your home through their website or via the mobile app. They deliver to your doorstep at a fee. 

On Jumia food, you have over 40 restaurants that offer both local and international dishes.

You can search by food or restaurant on Eziban.

Health & Emergency

While we hope that you have a hitch-free experience during your stay, emergencies may arise and you can call 112 for help in Ghana.

Payment Solution

Ghana is not left behind in terms of financial technology. Payment solutions are available to allow you to make transactions on the go.

From grocery shopping to ride-hailing, or food delivery, you don’t have to worry about using cash. 

Mastercard and VISA are acceptable in Ghana and you can use this for your transactions. MTN mobile money, vodafone cash, and AireltiGO cash are also available to choose from.

Exchange Rate

This is one of the most important things when you are visiting a new country. This enables you to budget appropriately for your trip. 

The exchange rate at the time of writing this is $1 to 5.77 Ghana Cedis. Ensure you check to be sure of the current value to avoid being cheated.


If you are in Ghana as a tourist, we have some incredible tourist attractions you will love. Some of the places you can check during your stay are;

  • Mole National Park
  • Shai Hills Reserve
  • Bonwire Kente Village
  • Kakum National Park
  • Sirigu Traditional Pottery

These are places that will leave you with beautiful memories. As always, you can use Google Maps to check out how to get there and read some reviews too.


Ghana remains one of the best destinations for tourism in Africa and a visit to Ghana is something to love.

We hope you will find the guide useful for your trip. Drop your questions in the comment if you think we missed anything.

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