How Much Commission Do MTN Mobile Money Merchants Make?

The MTN Mobile money service is one of the most reliable payment services in Ghana presently.

With millions of subscribers across Ghana, the service sees billions of Ghana Cedis transacted daily.

However, the nature of the Mobile Money system provides room for the employment of third-parties called Mobile Money agents.

These people help in loading to and withdrawing money from your Mobile Money wallet.

Due to the increasing growth of the Mobile Money industry, there is a continuous need for newer agents to be added over time.

One question that for long has remained outstanding on the minds of many people is; how much do Mobile Money Agents earn?

It is indeed one of the many questions on the internet which have little or no answer provided for.

In this article, we take time to explain to you how Mobile Money agents make money and how much they make per transaction.

Stay tuned and read on.

How Do MTN Mobile Money Agents Make Money?

Mobile Money agents make money mostly through commissions from transactions they do on a daily basis.

These transactions include withdrawals made by subscribers and sending money to subscribers.

Deposits however seem to attract no commissions.

What Are The Various Commissions?

Mobile money commissions dolled out to agents are based on the volume of the individual transactions they performed.

Here, we look at a comprehensive list of various mobile money transaction ranges and their corresponding commission.

Commissions on Withdrawals

Withdrawals attract smaller transaction commisions as indicated below:

From GHS 1 to GHS 50 – GHS 0.50 commission

From GHS 51 and above – 1% of the total withdrawal amount.

Commissions on Sending

When sending money to a subscriber, the agent gains relatively higher commission on the transaction. The commissions gained are summarized below:

From GHS 1 to GHS 50 – GHS 2.50 Commission

From GHS 15 and above – 5% of the transaction value.

How To Become a Mobile Money Merchant

Becoming an MTN Mobile Money agent can be one of your simplest and easiest ways to start making some good money as an extra source of income.

To do this, you need to follow the steps discussed below. However, before we look at the steps, let’s first look at the requirements for becoming a successful applicant.

They are as follows:

  1. You must own a permanent structure which is positioned at least 50 to 100 Metres away from the closest agent. The structure must neither be a wooden one nor an umbrella positioned somewhere.
  2. You must fill the agent recruitment form.
  3. You must fill the Agency Account Holder form.
  4. Have a minimum capital of GHS 4,000

After fulfilling these requirements, you can move on to apply for the MTN Mobile Money Agentship.


The growth of financial technology in Ghana means that many people are gradually shifting their interest from traditional payment systems to digital payment systems.

The likes of Bitcoin, Paypal and many other payment methods are becoming quickly popular in Ghana. But, the Mobile Money service remains the topmost electronic payment service in the country.

As such, the demand for mobile money services means a corresponding increase in Mobile Money Agent demands.

But, the question remains; how much do mobile money agents make in Ghana?

In this article, we attempted to answer this question and provide an overview of how MTN Mobile Money agents make money in Ghana.

We hope that the article was helpful to you and that you loved the content. If you have any questions, reservations or comments regarding the article, you can make us know in the comment box below.

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