How to check Mobile Money Balance on MTN, Vodafone and AirtelTigo

We all have been using mobile money in our daily to-do activities, either sending, receiving, withdrawing, paying bills and shopping.

Some subscribers sometimes find it difficult in checking their account balances and due to this they always depend on messages they will receive anytime they transact money to check their account balance as that message comes with your balance left.

This is not the right way as it will be very difficult to keep track of your account balance.

Someone close to you knowing your password can use this to steal your money or make a transaction and then delete the message that comes afterwards, and if you don’t check your actual balance more often, you won’t find out that someone has stolen your money.

This is the reason why you need to check your mobile money balance rather than depending on your transactions messages history to know your balance.

In this article, I am going to take you through how to check MTN mobile money balance via USSD and app, how to check Vodafone cash balance and how to check AirtelTigo money balance.

How To Check MTN Mobile Money Balance Via USSD

  1. On your phone dial *170#.
  2. Select 6: My Wallet.
  3. Enter 1: Check Balance.
  4. Type in your PIN  code to check your current balance.

How To Check MTN Mobile Money Balance Via App

  1. Install MYMTN app from Google play store.
  2. The app will take you to your dashboard if you are connected to the internet using your MTN sim card.
  3. To check your mobile money balance select MoMo Service.
  4. Enter your MoMo PIN to continue,  the app will send you a code to type in, type in and you will be taken to your mobile money dashboard.
  5. On your dashboard select Wallet to see your account balance, on the app you can see all the mini statements of your transactions you have made.

You can also request for account statement, that’s the last 50 transactions which includes the amount spent and total received on the app, you can also change your PIN on the app.

How To Check Vodafone Cash

  1. Dial *110#.
  2. Select 7: My Account.
  3. Select 1: Main Balance.
  4. Type in your PIN to know your account balance.

How To Check AirtelTigo Money Balance

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Select My Account.
  3. Select Check Balance
  4. Enter your PIN to see your account balance.


Depending on what wallet you use, there are various ways to check your mobile money balance. Follow the steps above and let us know if you have any questions.

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