How to send money with MTN Mobile Money in Ghana using shortcode or Mobile App

Mobile telephone network (MTN) is the leading telecommunication network in Ghana with over 18.8 million active subscribers.

On July 2009, MTN introduced mobile money which became the first mobile financial transactions platform in Ghana.

Ever since mobile money was introduced, it has helped Ghanaians a lot. Today customers can send money to anybody in Ghana at ease, customers can request for a loan, buy treasury bills, pay salaries, airline tickets, shop on some marts and can also transfer mobile money from banks to their wallets.

How To Send Money Using MTN Mobile Money Shortcode

  1. Dial *170#.
  2. Select transfer money.
  3. Select MoMo user (that is if the person is registered on Mobile Money).
  4. Enter the mobile money number and repeat again.
  5. Enter the amount you want to send.
  6. Type in your reference
  7. Confirm and send money

What is MTN Mobile Money Reference?

Reference is what you type in to identify certain transactions, eg: you might want to pay your employees who will be receiving different monthly salaries, this is when the reference comes to use, you can use reference to differentiate or keep records of the amount sent.

There has been a time that you would want to subscribe to a certain MTN offer but you will be struggling to remember the shortcode for that offer, I remember there was a time that I wanted to subscribe to the MTN made for me offer and I was finding it difficult to remember the shortcode for that offer.

MTN has introduced an app that you can do a lot of things such as topping up and checking your bundle usage, topping up airtime, buying data without the need to type in the shortcode, sending airtime and using it to transact mobile money.

How To Set Up myMTN Ghana App

  1. Download myMTN Ghana app from play store or apple store.
  2. If you are connected to the internet using the MTN sim, the app will automatically take you to the dashboard but if you are connected to the wifi or using a different network then you will be asked to verify your number. Type in your number and press on verify.
  3. You will receive a confirmation code, type in the code to confirm. After that, you will be taken to your dashboard where you will see your airtime and bundle left.

How To Send MTN Mobile Money In Ghana Using the Mobile App

After setting up your account, to use the app for mobile money transactions you will need to connect your mobile money account to the app, to do this follow these steps:

Please keep in mind that you will need to switch your phone internet connection to your sim card before you can proceed, if you are using a different network then the app will deny you access. So switch to your MTN sim card to continue the process

  1. On your dashboard select MoMO Service
  2. Now enter your MoMo pin to continue.
  3. You will receive a code to fill in, type in the exact code and also remember never to share the code with anyone.
  4. Now on your mobile dashboard, if you want to send money to someone using the app, select transfer money.
  5. Select if the user is a Mobile user or a non-mobile user, type in the number, amount to send, reference and then select transfer.

You will be prompted with a confirmation on mobile money number, the amount you are sending and the reference number, select confirm to send the money.

Also take note that you can also schedule payment,(that is you will type in the number, amount and time you want the money to be sent).


Now you can buy airtime, pay bills, buy data without the need to remember shortcodes, send and do more with the new MTN Ghana app.

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