How To Use MTN App For Mobile Money Transactions In Ghana

When it comes to network stability, best service delivery and customer satisfaction in Ghana, there is no doubt that MTN Ghana is the best.

This might sound debatable but that’s the fact. With its vast network coverability, and the inclusion of other services such as mobile money, quick loan, and other financial services, MTN Ghana has won the heart of many.

MTN Ghana has grown to the level where most people depend on it for all their financial transactions. When it comes to Mobile Money service in the country, MTN Ghana is Still the leading player in the market.

Unlike previous years, where only individuals of a high class can get access to some of the financial services in Ghana.

Today MTN mobile money has been a life saviour to many. As days pass by, a lot of people have come to love this service and due to that, many new features and innovations have been added to the service including the invention of the MY MTN App.

The MTN App is an app developed to be used by both Android and iOS users. With My MTN App, one can buy airtime, purchase bundles, check balance and much more.

It gives the MTN Subscribers greater control of their own mobile services so that they can access services and solve issues without having to contact MTN representatives. Using this app, one can also have access to information on all MTN’s products and services at their convenience.

How to use the MTN App for MOMO Transaction

As mentioned earlier, the MTN app can be used for many things including Mobile money transactions. But is sad that most people don’t know how to use the app for conducting their day to day activities. If you are one of them, then you can follow the below steps to see how to use the app for MTN mobile money transactions.

First, you need to be a smartphone user: Android or iOS. Once you get the smartphone ready, you will have to then open your Appstore or Google Playstore to download the app.

You can download and the app from here if you are on iOS or here if you are on Android.

After the successful installation of the app, you then open and register on the app using your phone number.  Here, an OTP will be sent to your number.


Now enter your password and confirm to finish the registration process. After successful registration, you’ll be given a free 50MB for just installing the app.

Now is time to use the app for all the service on MTN.

To transact MOMO on the app, you first open the app once again if it’s closed. Once the app is opened, look at the downright navigation bar you will see the MOMO option.

Mtn MOMO Menu

Tap on it to initiate the transaction process.

Now your phone number will be displayed with a prompt to enter your MOMO pin. Enter the pin to continue.

Enter MOMO Pin


After entering the right pin, you’ll again receive another OTP code. Please note, this code is very important. Do not share your code with anyone.

OTP MOMOEnter the new OTP code and then you’ll be displayed with the MOMO dashboard which contains all the MTN Mobile Money Menus as shown below.

MOMO Menus

From here, you can tap on any of the menus to transact on the app.


Note that the myMTN App can be used for more services than just MoMo transactions and we will cover them in our next series of articles.

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