How To Delete Your Zoom Account Permanently

Zoom is a cloud-based peer-peer online video telephony and online chat service. Zoom is an American Communications Technology Company headquarter in San Jose, California.

Zoom is popularly known for the numerous features it offers, in terms of Video Conferencing. Its founder is Eric Yuan and was founded in April 2011. Zoom is a cross-platform software. You can download Zoom on your Android and iOS stores. It also offers browser extensions.

Features Of Zoom

Zoom is a leading Videotelephony Service. Their wonderful services have garnered the popularity it is enjoying now. Most Businesses and enterprises use Zoom to organize their day-day virtual meeting. Below are some of the features of Zoom.

  • HD video and audio calls – The HD video and Audio call support allows classic webinars to be produced. Videos and audios are clear and well understood. This feature is what makes Zoom stand out and popular.
  • Group Collaboration Tools – Powerful group collaboration tools are provided to enable you to work more efficiently with others. Whiteboarding, Screen sharing, Remote access, Easy Content Sharing are all part of the group collaborating tools.
  • Easy Meeting Facilitation – One-touch controls, Host Controls, Easy Invites, Interoperability support enhances facilitation
  • Access robust security solution throughout
  • Inbuilt Screen Sharing tools – Screen can be shared with your external screen devices including your T.V.
  • Team chat – Team is able to chat which helps a lot when you are working on a project or assignment.
  • Inbuilt recording and transcript and many more.

Uses Of Zoom

Zoom can be used for many purposes. I share with you some uses of zoom below.

  1. Collaborative working – Zoom meeting is known for its wonderful collaborative working uses. You can collaborate with colleagues or teammates on projects or assignments virtually to produce satisfactory results.
  2. Training – Training services can be offered to clients, students or teachers, and everyone else. This solves the problem of the distance barriers between people living in different geographical areas.
  3. Client Presentations – You can offer presentations with clients at the comfort of your home, office, or any other place of convenience.
  4. Sales Meetings – Business sales meetings can be done virtually.
  5. Board Meetings – I remember our manager who had a board meeting with us on Zoom whiles he was away on holidays outside the country. It was successful just like as He would be there.
  6. Technical Support – Support to clients that do not demand physical work can be done using Zoom in a virtual assistant.

Why Use Zoom?

People and all-size Businesses choose Zoom for their day-day services because of the below reasons.

  • Simple to Use
  • Cost-effective
  • Very scalable
  • Reliability

All industry players try harder and put more work into Privacy Protection. With the popularity of Zoom and the number of people interest in using Zoom day by day, one might see the need to delete their zoom account due to the problem of Privacy.

If you see the need to delete your Zoom account due to privacy or any other reason, the following are the steps you can follow to delete your Zoom account permanently.

Deleting Your Zoom Account Permanently

  1. Login to your Zoom account
  2. On the top right corner, click on the profile image/icon in the top right corner.
  3. On your profile page, scroll to the bottom and press on sign me out from all devices.
  4. Login back to your account and navigate to your profile page once more.
  5. Under the Admin section on the left section, click on the Account Management.
  6. Select the Account Profile.
  7. Click on Terminate my account.
  8. A confirmation dialogue box will appear. Choose Yes.

After performing this, your account will permanently be deleted from Zoom.


There are many reasons as to why people permanently delete their account from websites and services. The major reason is mostly about privacy or other personal reasons. If you want to delete your Account from Zoom permanently, read the article and follow the steps promptly.

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