How To Exchange Your Bitcoin For Mobile Money Through Remitano

Like Jumia, Jiji and tonaton, is the marketplace for all cryptocurrency dealers in Ghana.

At Remitano, the platform available is an escrow service where buyers and sellers list their cryptocurrencies, their rates and the volume they need or have.

As such, Remitano does not have direct control over the coins sold on its platform. The only thing they have control over is the sending and receiving of the coins involved.

Exchanging bitcoin on Remitano is a bit tricky but it’s a lot better as there are a lot of orders for buy and sell at various rates from different people, so one could easily get a rate befitting their needs.

So here is the process:

Register For A Remitano Account

1. Visit and click Login/register

2. Click on Google under “sign in with”

3. Enter your email address and enter your email password

4. You’ll be logged in to your account.

5. Setup your account by editing your profile.

6. Deposit the BTC from your BTC holding account Into your Remitano wallet.

Sell Your Coin To A Waiting Buyer

1. click on sell now.

2. From the homepage, you’ll see a list of buyers

3. Locate the one you wish to sell to and click on sell

4. Enter the amount of coin you wish to sell and click Sell BTC to open transaction window.

Note: “Amount limits” is the minimum and maximum limit that the buyer (ad creator) wants to trade. You can only trade within this limit.

5. Enter the payment details through which you want the buyer to make payments to you and click “Continue”.

6. The transaction will automatically switch to “Awaiting payment” mode

7. Wait for the buyer to pay you through the number you’ve provided. Then click on “I have received payment” to release the bitcoin to the buyer.

Note: Do no confirm that you’ve received money from a buyer when you haven’t actually received the money in your account. Do well to verify any mobile money message received to be sure that it’s authentic before confirming receipt of the money. You can’t trust people with money these days. So just be careful.

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