How to Improve Your Kill-death Ratio in Valorant?

Released on 2nd June 2020, Valorant is a game whose popularity has increased exponentially. It is a 5v5 shooting game published by Riot Games for MS Windows. Like every shooting game, the kill-death Ratio (KD) is a crucial factor in Valorant.

The rule of thumb here is this: the higher the KD, the better you are playing. Read on to learn how to improve your kill-death ratio significantly while playing Valorant.

Know all about agents

Characters in Valorant are known as agents. Since Valorant is a character-based game, it is crucial to know about each of them. Every agent has some special skills and techniques.

As a player, you must go through them and find the best agent for you. Make sure to choose an agent who fits your playing style the best. Choosing the right agent gives you an edge in the game. 

Apart from than finding the best agent for yourself, you should know about other agents as well. Learning about other agents gives you an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and helps you plan your attack. This understanding can help you be a better player.

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Manage your economy

The financial health of any team is essential. The better you budget, the more chances you have of winning. Since Valorant has many cool upgrades that can give you a tremendous amount of power, collecting money from the game and judiciously spending it is crucial. 

A healthy team economy implies more money to buy equipment upgrades. Upgrading your equipment to higher levels increases the impact and sharpens the aim of your weapons. This is vital to winning more games with a higher kill-death ratio.

Team is important

Valorant is a team game, which means coordinating with your team is the only way to move ahead in the game.

Irrespective of how good a gamer you are, not cooperating with the team can trouble you. Valorant is all about strategy and team bonding. The better you plan, the better you play.

You should keep talking to your team-mates if you want to go up the ranks quickly. It enables you to change your strategy in case of any mishappening. 

Your team must also choose agents in a way that covers all types of characters. It gives your team better flexibility and allows you to play different strategies.

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Know your weapons

Valorant provides you with a range of weapons. As a player, you might want all of them. But you must think logically before spending your money on any weapon. You should always look for the damage and reload time of the weapons before buying them.

Valorant weapons have recoil patterns as well. Understanding the recoil pattern of every weapon gives you an idea of the shooting. As a player, practicing these recoil patterns helps in planning a counterattack. 

Aim training

As a player, all your focus is on playing games and having a killing spree. But there will be times when you can’t control some weapons as well as the others. If that happens, it is a wise decision to do aim training. Aim training will help you use the weapon a lot better.

Different weapons react differently. Aim training is a great way to figure out the way to operate these weapons. Every time you take a new weapon, aim training for 15-20 minutes can help you immensely and raise your game to another level.

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Sens and crosshair

Crosshair and sensitivities are the most critical part of a shooting game. Most top-level players spend a lot of time adjusting these settings to make them suitable for themselves. While you must play and win maximum matches, newbies tend to neglect the importance of sens and crosshair.

You might be able to get your sensitivities and crosshair right on the first attempt, or it may take a while. But hold on, keep adjusting, and you will see the difference in your playing style once you get it right. 

The defence is an art

While Valorant is all about attacking and outplaying your opponent, the defence plays a decent role in the game’s outcome. The players who defend well save their teams from counterattacks and give their team the liberty to fight aggressively. Getting a defensive player in a team might not be necessary, but it can be convenient.


After practicing all the tricks mentioned above and tips, you can improve your KD very quickly. For more gaming related tips and tricks, head over at and start your journey. We hope you liked the article. Comment your suggestions and feedback below! 

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