How To Make Money On Whatsapp As A Writer

In a world filled with new technologies, especially the ever-growing internet, one of the biggest questions ever asked until today is: How to make money online!

Fortunately, there have been thousands of ways of making money online published on various websites and personal blogs online. They include betting, online surveys, blogging, investing in HIYP (High-Interest Yielding Programs) among others.

In this post, we shall look at a more specific way of making money on WhatsApp.

According to data available online, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging app with close to 2 billion users all over the world. Incredible right?

Well, that actually explains the volume of potentials available to us on WhatsApp.

How Do I Make Money On WhatsApp As A Writer?

As a writer, you’ve probably written some poems or some short stories that you’ve shared on your Facebook timeline. You have possibly had some few likes and comments and you’re like: Oh! I’m growing my craft. People really like my work.

But every night, you go to bed wondering how you could turn all those likes and comments into money to pay some bills. You’re literally depressed. You’re even thinking of putting things on hold for a while. If this is you, put on a smile because you’ve found the right post for your situation.

So here, I’ll give you six steps you could use to create an income stream for your writing career through WhatsApp.

Convert All Your Facebook Readers To WhatsApp contacts

The best thing every successful business with a serious marketing plan needs is an email list or in this case, contact list.

You already have followers on Facebook who read your stories for free. What does it matter if you try sending them to WhatsApp? After all, the possibility of each of them already having a WhatsApp account is very high. Besides, they won’t even have to pay for a thing!

So, just create a new WhatsApp group, get the group Whatsapp link and share on the various platforms where people read your works. Get them to join the group and start sharing your write-ups there.

Change From Group To Status

One thing about WhatsApp groups is that: because many people tend to have personal conversations on WhatsApp, groups are least recognised. So for a business like ours, the best way to be sure of engagements is to use WhatsApp status.

Most times, when we read posts or watch videos on someone’s WhatsApp status, we don’t want to reply messages coming through unless we’re done reading or watching the person’s status. And that creates some level of engagement there.

So, you’ll have to save the contacts of all the people who are part of your group and make sure they also save yours (That’s the only way they can see your status). Then, you proceed to start posting your write-ups on your status rather than the group or you do both simultaneously (The choice is yours).

Beef up the numbers

You don’t want to do anything mediocre. You want to have all the numbers on your status. So start posting other interesting stuff. You can start a series of text or stories. Just do something interesting and unique to keep people coming back. You either have a consistent number of people viewing or you keep increasing daily. You also have to keep sharing your group link and going back to step 2. Then forward to step 3.

Approach Small Businesses With Your Numbers For Ads

After going through the third step of this process, you probably have something si able to work with. Maybe 500 views per status. Or perhaps 1,000. And if you’re growing at a rate of 5% per week, you can estimate how many views you’d have by the end of a month and so on.

Now, use your statistics and of course proof to get in touch with small businesses. Get in touch with the new ice cream company. Or the bread seller who just started a business. You can as well contact that guy who just wrote a book and doesn’t know how to deal with marketing. Discuss a deal with them and don’t be so outrageous with your pricing or terms. Give them something they can shake hands with you over.

Important Notice: Go for products or services that make meaning to your viewers or are related to the content you create on your status. (you don’t want to lose views because of your ads).

Voila! Welcome to bankroll

The final step of this process is what your favourite African politicians will call “Chop Chop season”. Here, you’re ready to make some cool cash daily, weekly, monthly or whichever duration works for you depending on the agreement you’ve had with those you’re advertising for.

Now, you can make something small off your writing career without having to build a website. Just on WhatsApp!


Happy earnings and always remember to leave your comments below. I would sincerely appreciate that.