How To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

Every blessed day, thousands of dollars are being made online thanks to the internet. Influencers and online gurus always show off the possibilities available when operating a dotcom business. Due to that, most people are eager to also make some cash online but don’t have the money to invest for quick returns. With the increase in demand for simple work at home jobs, many scams and get quick rich schemes have evolved online.

In some cases, people might have some cash that can aid them to quick start an online business, but because of the increasing number of frauds, they fear to do so. Each day, people search for the term how to make money online without paying anything. These keywords are always popular, most especially among the Ghanaian searchers.

A lot of Ghanaians want to make money online without investing. In one of our previous posts, we talked about how to make money online as a newbie in ghana. In that article, we listed about three most active ways to make money online.

Some of these ways of making money discuss in that article require some prior investment which has become a barrier to many. We get many of replies from people around who are still looking to make money online without paying anything and thus the focus of today’s post. There hundred plus ways to make money online without paying anything, but in this post, we have limited to a few.

Content Writing

If you are good at writing, or you have the skills to draft a selling ad copy that can compel prospective customers to take action on whatsoever is being offered on the chosen market, then you can make some decent amount of money online.

Today businesses and individuals are looking for the best copywriters for their agency. These companies will pay you to draft a business letter, proposal or a winning ads copy for them. As a content writer, you can get your talent and writing skills known to the general market by creating and listing your job on your own personal blog or through a blog contribution.

Having a copywriting skill, you don’t need to invest/spend anything before you can make money online. All you need is exposure and getting the right forum to showcase your writing skills for the world to see.

Writing and Selling ebooks

Most people make thousands of revenue from their published ebooks. With the amazon kindle publishing platform, one doesn’t need to pay a penny to get his or her books to the market. As a kindle publisher, you only need to get the book to adhere to the kindle platform terms of usage and then you are good to go.

Once you write your book, you can submit it to the amazon kindle platform for your target audience to buy. You don’t need much for the promotion of the book once it’s accepted on the kindle platform. Here you just have to make sure the ebook help to solve what it intended to.

Writing an ebook is not all that difficult. You only need some small guide on some of the elements of great and best-selling books on amazon kindle. These can be found on the YouTube platform which is free of charge.

Start a free YouTube Channel

YouTube platform as i always says today is the leading video sharing platform in the world. It is a hub for video creators and consumers. With the coming into been of the YT platform, a lot of opportunities have been created.

YouTube has helped many to gain financial freedom using their God gifted talents. Today, video creators are living a six-figure income life with their Channel proceeds. But it’s sad to know that a lot of people do not know how the platform works.

Many people especially in ghana and some of the African countries think YouTube is just for watching Movies and listing to video clips. Little do they know that they can make money on the platform with less effort. On the YouTube platform, you can create a free channel and then start to create videos on anything you have passion for.

It’s simple and easy to create a channel on the YT platform. You’ll only need a Gmail account to have your channel set up. Once you have the channel, you can start to upload the videos of your choice. These videos will get you some decent amount of passive income in the long run. There are many ways through which one can make money on YT. This we’ll discuss in our subsequent articles.

Take online survey

Don’t have writing skills? No problem!. There is an option for you. You can take some simple tasks online which does not need any spending. You only need a smartphone/laptop with internet connectivity for you to start taking the surveys. Companies and businesses will pay you to give feedback on their products. Agencies need to know what’s new in their field of operations and for that matter, they are looking for individuals to answer or feed them with the new information in the market. Taking an online survey will not make you rich, but it will be more than enough to make a few bucks online.

Become a Business Affiliate

Most businesses today need customers and they are willing to pay you to bring these customers to purchase their products. As an affiliate, your job is to drive traffic to those business products and have the customers purchase the products.

There are two levels of an affiliate as per my stands, local affiliate, and international affiliate. If you don’t want to spend a dime online, then you ought to start the local affiliate since that’s the simple and ad-free way of making money online today.

With the local affiliate, you’ll need to figure out which product is in high demand in your locality and also find out where you can easily get those products to make them easily accessible by the general public within your community. In this case, you can either strike a deal with the producer/bulk seller of such a product, or you’ll have to add a profit margin to the product once it gets to the general public.

I used to do this type of affiliate during my undergrad studies and still doing the same to date. Here, I help people to easily get what they are in need of for a commission. Most People from my local community don’t know much about online businesses, so whenever they need to purchase something online, they depend on me.

As a business-oriented person, and someone whose goal is to make a profit from his online business, I always charge them an extra amount for that. In most cases, I do negotiate with the producer/seller of that product for a price reduction. So in the end, I end up getting some profit from the deal without extra cost to the third party.

You can also do the same. Most online shops in ghana have affiliate offers. You can signup with them and begin promoting their products for a commission. Jumia Ghana today is the leading online shops and the good thing is that they have this affiliate program that anyone can signup for a commission. I have a friend who is making hundreds of cedis from the Jumia affiliate.

Affiliate Recent Sales
Screenshot for Two of My Recent Sales

I’ve been making some cash from this kind of business and still affiliate marketing continues to be among my primary sources of income online. We shall discuss in detail how to start an affiliate marketing business in ghana in our coming articles. Make sure to bookmark this page and also like and follow on all the social media platforms so that you’ll not miss this article when it’s published.

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