How to make money online in 2019 as a newbie In Ghana

The internet is for us, you and them. No one is the monopoly of the internet opportunities. The internet offers equal opportunities to each and everyone regardless of where you reside.

Today thousands if not more are living the internet life. They make six-figure incomes from the internet right in their home-based office.

The one thing that makes me and most of the internet entrepreneurs like the internet is the fact that it does not matter where you are or which part of the world you find yourself.

If someone from a small country like Ghana can sit in the corner of his room and get his message view/read in a developed country like US and UK then this should tell you that the internet is a powerful thing and one of the best place to market yourself and the brand.

Unfortunately, most Ghanaians still don’t have the knowledge of the internet and the few who do still don’t trust the internet dealing.

For the past years of being on the internet, I came across a lot of people who are willing to learn more about internet opportunities but was not willing to sacrifice.

Most Ghanaians like free stuff and free stuff most of the time don’t add much value to your online presence.

To succeed on the internet you will at least need to spend something small either your time or your money.

The very time I started my internet career, I went through a lot trying to figure everything myself not knowing I was wasting a lot of money in the process because I wasted more time on free stuff.

Those times I wasted I could have invested a small amount of cash and get all the knowledge from those who were already established in that file I have chosen to operate online.

Today I have a lot of people asking me how I was able to succeed on the internet even though I have never attended any tech school.

This question always, makes me feel unease since there are no any better explanations I can give to them because even If I tell them they will still not get it.

Because I always get this kind of question I then deem it an honour to write this post and highlight the three things that anyone who is willing to succeed on the internet should do.

I will try to make it simple and do my best to explain to you how I was able to break through and make some decent amount of cash on the internet today.  

Below are the three things you should be willing to do if you want to succeed on the internet.

  1. Have Passion In What You Are Doing.
  2. Find A Mentor
  3. Take Courses On Your Choosing Niche.

Have Passion In What You Are Doing

For every successful individual that you see today started with something that he or she has a passion for. Passion drives a person to success. If you are into something you have no passion for, the chances of you succeeding with that thing is 0.5%.

Yes, when you have a passion for your job, you have all the joys in doing the task involved. Even if people are not recognizing your work, because you have a passion for it yourself, you will not feel demotivated. Passion is always the first thing that every successful individual on the internet today started with.

Before you start an online business, you will at least look at what you have passion in then you choose a sub-niche in that area then you begin to operate. With that, you have a 70% chance of being successful in the business.

Find A Mentor

Once you have a niche you want to operate and also have a passion for that niche, then the next thing I will recommend you to do as soon as possible is finding a mentor.

A mentor is someone who you can easily rely on whenever you need help on your choosing niche of operation on the internet.

A mentor can be anyone in your choosing niche. But from my experience, choosing a mentor sometimes can be a very tedious work today simply because there are a lot of individuals on the internet claiming superiority over others but in actual, since their claims cannot be verified.

When I was ready to start my online store in the year 2017, I made some search on some of the people who are already into e-commerce business so I can take one as a mentor which I can always fall on when I need help.

I came across a lot of videos on YouTube in which most of the creators show fake results of their online store in other to prove they are already killing it in the e-commerce sphere.

How to find a reliable mentor?

Finding a mentor today is possible only when you are able to figure out what you want from this mentor. Let’s say you choose to start a blogging career on the internet, the first thing you need to do is make a Google search using the hashtag blogging site.

Once you type this phrase in Google, you will be listed with a lot of websites talks talk about blogging tips and then makes sure you go through the first 10 sites to see which one among the sites is well written and also simple to comprehend.

You can also make some search in some of the popular forum like Quora and then see which of the bloggers that people are talking about in the forum and then read more on that. This will help you find the best mentor for your online business.

Take Courses On Your Choosing Niche

Having a mentor alone will not help you to easily find your way to the online success unless you take some course from this mentor or other influencers being recommended by your mentor and other people who are already established in your choosing niche. Your mentor shares free information based on his personal experience on the topics he or she covers on his blog. Most mentors don’t give out all secrete on their blog page. They create some mini-courses and in this course is where they try to unveil all their success steps.

When you take a course, you have the chance to join some of the mastermind class in which you can learn a lot from other great minds in online spaces.

You can also have the chance to get a one on one chat with your mentor and discuss more things on your choosing niche. When you find a good mentor, you can easily succeed with you.

Wrapping up

The internet is the best place that you can use to better your life as a student or a graduate from Ghana and Africa today.

With the scarcity of jobs in the country, one is not guaranteed a stable job even if he or she is gainfully employed. In other to be on the safest side, it’s good to have some side gig and this side gig can be done through the internet.

So if you really want to succeed online, then you should be willing and ready to do the above highlighted in this post. Thanks for reading please if you find this post helpful consider sharing on the entire social media platform you find yourself on. 

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