How To Make Unlimited Calls On Vodafone

Vodafone is by far one of the best networks we have here in Ghana. They also have one of the best internet connections and also when it comes to affordable data bundles, to me, Vodafone is the best.

You might be a Vodafone user, and as a loyal customer you have been calling and texting every day and has been wondering if there is a way of making unlimited calls on Vodafone, the answer is yes, there is.

That’s why in this article, I am going to take you through all the Vodafone unlimited call offers that you can subscribe to.

Vodafone Deewa Offer

This offer allows any Vodafone user to make unlimited calls and unlimited SMS to his or her family and friends for 24 hours.

You can only use this offer to call only Vodafone numbers but Vodafone will tip you 2 minutes to call other networks.

It cost GHS 0.50 to activate this offer and it lasts for 24 hours.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Deewa Offer

  1. Dial *5050#
  2. Enter 1: Buy Deewa Offer
  3. Buy by pressing 1
  4. Now select how you want to make the payment, you can choose pay using airtime or pay using Vodafone Cash.

Vodafone Supreme Monthly Offer

The Vodafone Supreme Monthly offers you free calls to Vodafone numbers and also gives you double bonus anytime you top up any amount from GHS 2 and above.

How To Register For Vodafone Supreme Monthly Offer

To register for the Vodafone Supreme Monthly offer dial 7070 you will then be briefed about the minutes you will get and then ask you to press 1 to activate or 2 to cancel.

This offer gives you 1000 minutes to be used within a month on on-net calls.

The price for this offer is GHS 11 and in case you exhaust all your minutes, you can again reactivate the 30- days offer again.

Vodafone Baako Pe! Offer

This offer is similar to MTN Free After 1 as this offer too allows you to make a call and only pay for the first minute.

You will be charged GHS 0.30 and after that, you can make calls to any network and still pay for that amount.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Baako Pe!

  1. Dial *135#
  2. Select 1: Activate Baako Pe
  3. Confirm by pressing 1.

Vodafone Bossu Weekend Offer

Maybe you are busy in weekdays and only becomes free at weekends and you are wondering if you can make unlimited calls on Vodafone and pay less, then the answer is yes, you can.

Vodafone has an offer that gives you 300 minutes to call all networks and 5GB of data for as low as GHS 5.40.

How To Subscribe To Vodafone Bossu Weekend Offer

  1. Dial *5588#
  2. Select 3: Bossu Weekend
  3. Type in 1 to activate
  4. Now select how you want to make the payment either using Vodafone cash or airtime.
  5. Now select 1 to confirm.


If you are always fond of making calls every day, maybe you are a businessman or woman and your work involves always making a call, then it is time to look through the Vodafone calls offers we’ve just gone through as it will help you save a lot of money.

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