How To Search For Items On Jumia Ghana

Jumia Ghana is Ghana and Africa’s biggest online retail shop with millions of products listed and thousands of daily visitors and buyers.

Jumia has a wide range of products listed, ranging from phones and tablets, electronics, to women’s fashion, men’s fashion, computing, home and office, health & Beauty, baby products, gaming, grocery and watches & Sunglasses.

With the numerous categories and products listed on Jumia Ghana, it is sometimes difficult for one to find what exactly they seek to find on the platform.

However, with this guide, you should find items on jumia very easily.

Searching By Product Name

One way of searching for a product on Jumia Ghana is by the use of the product’s name. In fact, this is the most basic method of searching for an item on the platform.

In order to use this method in searching for a product, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit Jumia’s website or open the mobile application
  2. Login to your account
  3. In the search bar on the top, enter the name of the product you wish to search for
  4. In case you don’t know the exact name, enter part of the name and hit enter
  5. You can also add the brand to the name. Example: (32” Nasco Television)
  6. You should see a list of products associated with your search term in the results.

Searching By Category

This method usually works when you do not know a product’s name yet you know what it looks like and you are sure of where it is used.

So with this method, you search through a category of items on the Jumia platform, to find the product you want.

You may also use this method if you know the product’s name and its category as well. This narrows down the results a bit further and makes it highly possible for you to see your intended product as soon as possible.

The steps below will take you through how to use this method in searching for your desired products on Jumia Ghana.

  1. Visit Jumia’s website or open the mobile app
  2. Login to your account
  3. click on ‘Categories’
  4. Select the category corresponding to the product you need. Example: My 32” Nasco TV as used in the previous method will be located in the Electronics category.
  5. Look through the subcategories to see where your product may be listed.
  6. Select the appropriate subcategory.
  7. A list of products under the subcategory will be displayed for you to make your choice.
  8. If you already know the name of the product, you can type it in the search box just above the results and press Enter.


Searching for items on Jumia can be very frustrating sometimes due to the number of products listed and the likelihood of two or more products bearing similar names. However, I hope the methods listed above in this article would be helpful in making your search on Jumia less difficult and more fun. If you know of any other ways of searching on Jumia, kindly indicate them in the comment box below. We are more than interested in hearing from you.

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