How To Sell On Jiji

Jiji is one of the most respectable classified sites in Ghana. With over a million products listed and hundreds of thousands of users online daily, Jiji is a good platform for anyone hoping to make sales in Ghana through digital platforms.

Whatever you do, be you a service provider or a manufacturer or retailer, has the potential of raking in some cedis for you.

From cars, motorcycles, to furniture, garden equipment, hairdressing services, repair works, kitchen items, electronic devices to mobile phones and office equipment, there is a room for you on

This article focuses on how you can sell your products on here in Ghana.

First off, in order to sell on Jiji, you need to have an account so we’d be looking at account creation, posting on the platform and how to categorize.

Registration For Jiji Account

To register for an account on Jiji, visit and follow the steps below:

  1. Click ‘Register’
  2. Select ‘Login via google’ to sign in with your Gmail account.

This way, your email account is linked with your jiji account directly so you can get notified of any new happenings on your account plus it gives you a one-click option to login at all times.

Listing Your Products On Jiji

After successfully logging in to your account, follow the steps below to list your products on Jiji.

  1. Click on ‘sell’ on the extreme right top corner of your account dashboard
  2. Select the category of the product or service you want to advertise from the dropdown list under the ‘category’ tab.
  3. Select a subcategory under the subcategory tab which is next to the ‘category’ tab.
  4. Click on the big plus beneath the categories tabs to add photos of your product or service. Make sure your pictures are less than 5MB each and they are png or jpeg files.
  5. Select your region and the district where your product or service is located and click next.
  6. In the next window, enter the title of your ad. Usually, this should be a short description of your product or service stating its name and its basic information.
  7. Enter your company’s name in the ‘Company box’. This may be skipped if you do not own a company.
  8. Give a detailed description of your product or service in the ‘Description’ box.
  9. You may enter your price or select ‘Contact for price’ to hide the price from buyers unless they contact you.
  10. Enter your phone number and click ‘post ad’

Rules Governing Ads On Jiji

In order for you to have a good time selling on Jiji and keep your account in good standing for a long time, there are rules and regulations you need to obey at all times. These rules and regulations include:

  1. Do not post ads about Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, human organs, weapons, drugs, illegal files, stolen items, sex services, multi-level marketing services such as Qnet and Max International, Home-base businesses, loans and other items prohibited by law.
  2. Your prices must correspond with the real prices on the market.
  3. All services or products must be located in Ghana.
  4. If you have several items to advertise, they must be posted separately.
  5. Every advert must have clear details and pricing.


Selling on Jiji is usually very easy since they have thousands of prospective buyers searching for products and services every day.

However, when you post an ad, Jiji usually has a team of moderators who read through your ads to be sure that they conform with the rules and regulations governing the site, as listed above before activating it to go live.

Also, your ads can stay on jiji for between 3-6 months if you do not delete them yourself. I hope this article was helpful to you in your quest to sell on Jiji. Kindly leave comments regarding any further enquiries.

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