How To Send and Track Parcels Through Ghana Post

Ghana Post has been in existence since 1854 and has been helping people send and receive parcels from their loved ones.

I must say they have been doing incredible work, I am one person who likes doing online shopping and I will say Ghana post services work in a super awesome way.

In this article, I am going to take you through how to track parcel sent through Ghana Post but before that let’s talk about how to send a parcel using Ghana Post.

How To Send Parcel Using Ghana Post

  1. Wrap up your parcel and then visit the nearest Ghana Post Office with your identification card (voters ID card or Ghana Card).
  2. At the back of the parcel write down the receivers full name, address, country and phone number.
  3. At the front of the parcel write down your details which is your full name, country, city and your telephone number.
  4. Now you will be directed to take your parcel to the customs officer, the officer will look through/scan your parcel to see if it doesn’t contain something illegal to be sent through Ghana post, like drugs and many more.
  5. After scanning and seeing that everything is clean he or she will then give you the go-ahead and you will take your parcel to the staff in charge of sending your parcel.

This staff will then ask you if the parcel has glass in it or not, and then he or she will weigh it and then tell you the price involved for you to pay.

After paying the amount, the person will print a paper containing the details of the receiver and the sender with the tracking number and then place one on your parcel and also give you one.

In some countries when it reaches, the post company will take the parcel to the receiver using the address given on the parcel, I once I sent a parcel to someone inside UK and they took the parcel to the person’s house.

The person receiving the parcel at home or coming for it depends on the country you are sending to.

How To Track Parcel Sent Through Ghana Post

Maybe you have sent a parcel to someone using Ghana post or someone has sent you a parcel and you will want to track the parcel and see the current status of the parcel.

You will need your tracking number to do this, there are many websites that you can use to track your parcels and we are going to go through some of them

Tracking Your Parcel Sent Through Ghana Post Using

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your tracking number and hit on Track
  3. You will then see the status of your parcel, if it is in transit or it has reached the destination country or if you have sent the parcel you will get to know if the receiver has got it.

Tracking Your Parcel Sent Through Ghana Post Using

Parcel monitor is another good website to keep track of your parcels sent through Ghana Post

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your parcel tracking number and wait for a few seconds.
  3. You will get to know the status of your parcel and if it’s available for pick up or the receiver has received it.


Ghana post has been helping us send and receive parcels in the country, in this article we went through how to send a parcel and also how to track a parcel sent through Ghana Post.

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