How To Spot a Fake Watch in Ghana; Where to Buy Original Watches

Are you scared of buying a fake watch in Ghana? Well, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore since in this article I am going to show you how you can spot any fake watch in Ghana.

The actions of several companies and individuals to make replica watches are gradually taking over the market. The main goal of these companies is to make replica watches that will cost relatively cheaper as compared to the original watch and looks almost exactly like the original brand.

Since these watches are cheap and appear almost as the original, most people are often attracted to them. Later, they find out that what they bought is fake and thus, they’ve thrown away their money.

Thankfully, a lot of the big-name watch manufacturing companies are aware of these fake companies. Because of that, they take a lot of precautions while manufacturing their watches, like using high-quality materials and engraving each timepiece with a serial code. With careful consideration and research, you can confidently purchase a nice watch without the fear of being ripped off by fraudsters.

NOTE: the points that are going to be shown in this article are inconclusive. Therefore, there are several other ways you can also spot a fake watch, but these are some of the genuine and trusted methods.

How To Spot a Fake Watch in Ghana

To spot a fake watch in Ghana, these are some of the recommended and trusted ways you can do so. Take your time and read through each of them.

Fake Rolex Submarine

Check for the obvious errors!

Before you even get into the details of the watch itself, there are some obvious errors that you need to check. Some of these include spelling errors, the colour of the watch (not always), the material used to make the watch, etc.

In terms of name, there is no way a company like Casio or Rolex makes an error when spelling the name of their watches. Sometimes, some of these fake watches are spelt almost exactly like the original but there still some errors. For example, some of the Rolex watches are spelt as Rolexx or Rollex; therefore, if you don’t carefully check the name, you might end up buying “thrash”.

Also, you need to check if the material used to make the watch matches the original one. For instance, if you see a watch that is light in weight than what you expected, then you need to know that is fake.

Check the lettering and engraving

Almost every luxury watch in the world has a specific watermark or unique style of naming and lettering. This applies to the name, lettering, and even the serial number.

If any of the lettering or numbering is muddled or hard to read, you can assume that the watch is probably a fake. For example, if the edges around the “R” in “Rolex” look curvy and uneven, you’re likely handling a fake watch since the original has an even “R”.

Look for the serial number on the watch

Most of the luxurious watches in Ghana and other parts of the world usually have an alphanumeric serial number on the watch. The layout and the position of the serial number on the watch vary from one watch to the other.

So, before you go to the shop or wherever you buy your watch from, make sure to familiarize yourself with where the original watch has its serial number and its layout. You can do so by visiting the official website of the brand you wish to buy.

Does It Weigh Enough?

As stated earlier, luxury and designer watches are usually a little bit heavy. This is as a result of the metal material used to manufacture the watch. For example, a gold watch should at least weigh a little much heavier than a normal watch.

If you buy a watch and it feels very light in weight, then the watch is likely fake. Some of these fake watches have lighter weight except for the head. If the head weighs very much heavier than the rest of the watch, then you need to reconsider.

Where can I buy Original Watches from in Ghana?

You can buy all your original watches from Hourhand Watch Co. in Ghana. Hourhand Watch Co. is startup business in the watch industry in Ghana, growing rapidly. The business commenced in early 2020 and has since served a significant number of individuals, institutions and other organisations in different parts of Africa and other European countries.

Their expertise is centred on;

Watch and clock repairs

With a team of professionals who have been well-trained in horology (watchmaking), they provide a wide range of activities. These include but are not limited to; watch part replacements, inspection and cleaning, movement servicing, sizing and overhauling.

They ensure that the defective timepiece is carefully inspected, then followed by series of tests using their available state-of-art devices to evaluate the condition. This allows them to recommend appropriate solutions that would revert the timepiece to its aesthetic perfection. Recommendations for both short and long term are shared with clients to make decisions on the type of services needed.

They repair all types of watches and brands, be it Automatic, mechanical or quartz.

Retailing of Watches

Hourhand Watch Co. retails quality watches and clocks of all brands and provides their clients with competitive prices.


At HourHand Watch Co., clients are the focus of business operations. Therefore, they offer customised products and services to clients as per their needs and desires. Such services include engravement, personalised clock designs and watch straps.

They strive to offer very exceptional services in a friendly atmosphere while prioritising the customer’s experience.

You may contact them today via phone at +233556547064 to discuss your watch needs or locate them at Greda Estate, Accra (

Also, visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for more details. Kindly note that Covid-19 protocols are strictly observed for in-person meetings.


Watches are beautiful when worn but it is very annoying and embarrassing to use your hard-earned money to buy a watch only to find out it is fake. It is because of this that we wrote this article for.

In this article, I have explained some of the basic things you need to know to spot a fake watch in Ghana and other parts of the world. Read through this article again and if you have any concerns please make sure to write them in the comments section below.

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