How To Stake Lotto With Your Phone Using Mobile Money

The history of lotto in Ghana started way back in 1960 when the Lotto and Betting Act 94 was passed into law.

The main aim for passing this law was to generate revenue for the development of the country.

The National Lottery Authority works in 6 days of the week and each day has its name for this game

  • Lotto on Mondays are called Monday Special
  • Lotto on Tuesdays are called Lucky Tuesday
  • Lotto on Wednesdays are called Mid-Week
  • Thursdays are called Fortune Thursday
  • Lotto on Fridays are called Friday Bonanza
  • Lotto on Saturdays are called National lotto

The numbers you can stake on starts from 1 to 90 and at the end of the day 5 numbers will be picked, if the numbers are announced and your number happens to be among the numbers mentioned, then the next day you will go and collect your money.

At first, before you can stake lotto, you will have to walk to the nearest lotto agent to stake.

Because of this, some people couldn’t go to the lotto agent and stake based on their religion or role they play or maybe they might be having a busy day.

Now NLA has joined the modern world digitization, now you can stake banker to banker using your mobile money account.

Maybe you might want to stake lotto but sometimes find it difficult to visit the nearest lotto agent to stake, maybe you are shy like me, then this time around you can also stake your favourite numbers at the comfort of your home without visiting any lotto agent.

Before we get started the shortcode to use in staking the national lottery using your phone is *959#. Also, you can stake only 5 numbers.

You are going to pay using your mobile money so I believe you already registered for mobile money account.

How To Stake Lotto With Your Phone Using Mobile Money

  1. On your phone dial *959#
  2. You will then have to choose 1: the current game, if its Monday you will see Monday special if its Saturday you will see National.
  3. Now select how you want to stake your numbers, they have Direct, 2-Sure, Direct-3, Direct-4, Direct-5, Perm-2 and Perm-3
  4. Enter the numbers you want to stake and separate each number with a space.
  5. Confirm by entering 1
  6. Within seconds you will receive a notification to approve your transaction, some people will not receive a mobile money prompt.

How Do You Receive The Money In Case You Win?

I know you are not the only one asking about this question, the first time I staked using my phone I asked the same question.

When you stake and you win, you will be paid directly into your mobile money account, the account that you used to pay for the staking, that’s the same number they will pay you your money when you win.


Now you can stake lotto at the comfort of your home without the need to visit any lotto agent, in this article we went through how lottery in Ghana started and how to stake lotto and pay with your mobile money using your phone.

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