How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Professional Camera

Popular smartphones companies are every day bringing new phones to the market with improved camera pixels.

You will all agree with me that anytime a phone company is launching its new phone, the new camera quality feature is one thing they will not leave without talking about, in fact, some even show the features of their camera telling its pixel in the new phone before even showing some other features that can be found in the phone.

When you get hold of this new phone you will see there is a lot of changes when you take a picture with this new phone as compared to your old phone camera.

I remember when iPhone x was launched and a friend of mine bought one, anytime we go out, everybody wants to take a picture with his phone and after that, then ask him to send to them because they found out that his phone’s camera has a high picture quality as compared to their phones.

You might be someone who loves to take pictures and post them on Instagram or you have the passion to be a photographer and are always taking pictures with your phone but always not finding your pictures to be stunning because your camera is not quite advanced like the news phones cameras.

There is no need to be worried about this because you can also turn your phone into a professional camera with some tools, app and accessories that are going to make you have the best photographs to upload or share.


If you want to upgrade your phones camera quality then lense is one thing you don’t need to underrate, attaching lense to your phone camera helps you in way that you can increase zooming without losing the quality of the picture and also widen your shot.

When you zoom in a picture using the normal phone camera, the picture quality reduces, if you love taking pictures at a distance, then lenses will be of help as with lenses you can take a picture of an object that is far away from you and still have its picture quality.

Tripod Stand or Mounted Tripod

If you are the type of people who loved to take pictures above them or a pic at an angle then mounted tripod is one thing you need to have one, also you might want to take a group photo without leaving anyone out of the photo, this is when tripod stand comes in use, with tripod stand you can set the phone to be positioned at a given place and then when everybody is ready for the picture, then you can take the group photo by setting a self-timer for the picture to be taken when the time is due or you can take with a connected remote shutter.

Bluetooth Remote Shutter

If you want to have a tripod stand then the remote shutter is also a must-have, with remote shutter there is no need to rush as compared to using your phone camera timer, all you have to do is connect your phone to the remote shutter and position your self and when you are ready you just press the remote shutter for the picture to be taken, this can also make you make so many positions like jumping and many more and still be taking the pictures in real-time with a click.

Waterproof case

If you are a beach lover or always like taking pictures in and under swimming pools, then you need to have a waterproof case, this is going to help you take your phone underwater and take underwater pictures without water entering your phone.

External battery

As stated in this article on how to prevent your phone from overheating, one thing I talked about was using your phone camera for a long time also drains your phone battery,

If you love taking pictures and videos then your phone battery is not going to last long as compared to how it last when you are not using the camera application.

This is the need to have an external battery so that in the middle of having a great time taking pictures, your phone won’t turn off.

Using Photo Editing Apps

There are a lot of apps that one can use to edit pictures taken, here are some of the best photograph editing apps you can use:


Instasize is one app that is hard to believe that you get all the features for free, this app contains a lot of features that make you edit your picture and then the final pictures look like it was taken with a DSL camera. You can edit videos in this app, edit texts, make grids and many more.

Google Snapseed

Snapseed is a professional photo editing app developed by Google, this app does not allow you to take pictures on iOS smartphones but to edit them, it has many features like photoshop.


If you love applying effects to your photos then this app is definitely for you, Pixlr has a wide range of effects, overlays, filters and any more that makes your photo stand out.

To be honest with you, this is my favourite app as I can use it to edit a picture taken in the morning to look like it was taken in the evening.


If you find your phone camera to be having low pixels, that does not mean hope is lost, there are tools you can attach to make your phone camera outstanding, in this article we went through the tools, accessories and apps you can use to have quality pictures.

So which of the accessories are you getting after reading this article and is there any editing app that is your favourite and you would love to share with me?

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