Okay Google: How To Let Google Assistant Tell You A Story

Bedtime stories or normal stories for the road are always good for you and your kids or family. With Google Assistant’s new feature, your smartphone can now read a story to you.

Google Assistant can now tell you a story via your smartphone. This is a new feature developed by Google in 2017 for google home devices and recently extended to smartphones in 2019.

What this means is that Google Assistant now has the ability to read pre-written and curated stories by google to you and your kids on your request.

These stories can either be funny bed-time stories or action-packed high-quality dramatic stories that spark various emotions as you listen.

If you are a fun of story-time but wouldn’t love to do the reading by yourself, then Google Assistant’s all-new feature is here for you. Let your Google Assistant read some stories to you!

This article is aimed at teaching you how to let your Google Assistant read or tell you a story.

But, before we dive into the details of how to let Google Assistant read for you, let’s look briefly at what Google Assistant is and what other features it has.

What is Google Assistant And What Features Does It Have?

Google Assistant is an artificial intelligence software created by Google Incorporation to help users take care of daily tasks by communicating with their Google devices or devices running on the Android systems, using voice commands and voice controls.

What this means is that if you have the Google Assistant on your device, you tend to become friends with that device. And you can communicate with your device using voice commands and your device would respond accordingly and perform the various tasks you assign to it.

The Google Assistant enables users to set commands such as reminders, answer calls, make calls, play music, search for things online, play movies and many other actions using voice commands.

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How To Let Your Google Assistant Read For You

To let your Google Assistant read for you, you must ensure that you have the Google Assistant feature installed on your smartphone. If you don’t have one yet, you can cop yours here for your android device.

Then, after installing your Google Assistant on your phone safely, you need to install and update Google Play Books on the same phone. Without Google Play Books on your phone, this feature will not work. The Read A Story feature is connected with the Play Books app so without it, that feature cannot be used on your Google Assistant. You still don’t have the Play Books app yet? Get yours here.

Now, you are ready to use the Google Assistant’s Tell Me A Story feature on your smartphone with ease.

Just go ahead, open your Google Assistant application and say ‘Hey Google, tell me a story’ or ‘Okay Google; tell me a story’. Your new Artificial Intelligence buddy should start reading a story to you in a few seconds.

Note: You can use the Google Assistant application on your IOS devices as well.


Sometimes, we feel we could go back to our childhood and have our parents read to us some bedtime stories while we snuggle in bed. Well, for various reasons, this only remains a thought or a want.

But, Google Assistant has the magic to make that dream a reality for anyone reading this. You only need to install the Google Play Books and Google Assistant on your smartphone to turn your phone into that storytelling buddy you really wish for.

In this article, we took you through what Google Assistant is, Its features and how you can let your Google Assistant tell you a story right from your smartphone.

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