How To Use Netflix Party For Virtual Movie Night

Do you want to want to host a virtual movie night? Did you know you can host a virtual movie night and invite people from all over the world? I am going to show you how to use Netflix Party to host a virtual movie night.

In the olden days, before you can watch a movie, you needed to go to the community center or theatre. But now, you can sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy your favourite movie or TV show.

When we were in secondary school, one of the best entertainment activities was the movie night; especially when they put off the light and all the attention was on the movie. Well, now you can even sit in Ghana and host a virtual movie night with your friends.

What is Netflix Party (Teleparty)?

Netflix Party (also known as Teleparty) is a new way to watch TV with your friends online. Netflix-party is used to stream Netflix movies together with your friends.

Basically, Netflix Party is a browser extension; meaning you cannot use on mobile phones or tablets only laptops or PC. It allows up to a maximum of 50 people watch a Netflix movies together at the same time.

How To Use Netflix Party For Virtual Movie Night

how to use netflix party for virtual movie night
  • Download and install the free Netflix-party extension to your browser. Note that Netflix Party is only available for Google Chrome and Opera browsers.
  • Once the installation is done, click on the puzzle icon on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Select Netflix Party and click on the pin icon next to the logo.
  • Open Netflix on the same browser and choose the movie you want to host for the virtual party and wait for the Netflix Party logo to turn red.
  • Click on it and select “Start the party”. If you want to host the show alone, you can also select it from here.
  • Copy and send the URL that pops up to the people you want to invite to the movie night.
  • Ask them to also, install the Netflix Party extension on their web browser. Once they are done, ask them to log into their Netflix account.
  • Then, ask them to open the link you sent them. (Using the same browser the installed the extension on).
  • Once they open the link they will automatically join the virtual movie night you are hosting.
  • To make it even more interesting, you can also send messages. During playbacks, there will be a gray box with the Netflix Party logo, this is where you can chat with the attendees.


That is all, you are now set for your virtual Netflix movie night. Please note that all the people you invite are supposed to have an active Netflix account with a subscription. Otherwise, they cannot join the event.

This guide contains all you need to know on how to start your Netflix Party virtual night from scratch. If you come across any issues make sure to write it in the comments section below and I will attend to every single one of them.

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