How to Protect Your Debit and Credit Card Against Fraud in Ghana

After creating your bank account, the first thing you will be given is either a cheque book or a credit/debit card.

Credit and debit card fraud has become one of the highest internet crimes all over the world. In most cases, people go to the bank to withdraw money from their accounts only to find their balance in a single-digit or one that doesn’t correspond to the one they left.

Some few years ago, this wasn’t actually a big problem in Ghana but due to the negative use of technology, this has also become a major crime in Ghana in recent times.

Because of that, I am writing this article to guide you on how to protect your debit and credit card against fraud in Ghana. The methods used here are once that has proven to work very well and if followed could help you protect your debit and credit card against fraud in Ghana.

What Is The Difference Between Debit Card and Credit Card?

Before we begin with the methods, we all need to be aware of the difference between a debit card and a credit card. The difference between these two (2) cards are a little bit confusing.

A debit card is a payment card that is issued to a customer by a bank where all the purchases made by the customer are deducted directly from his or her current or savings account. Whereas credit cards allow customers to make purchases from their account and pay later.

How to Protect Your Debit and Credit Card Against Fraud in Ghana

Avoid Using Debit Cards For Online Purchases

In order to protect your debit card, you are advised to use only your credit card for online purchases and leave the debit card for ATM withdrawals only.

The reason behind this is that credit card users are mostly at an advantage because they can challenge the bank and avoid to pay the credit. Debit card owners on the other hand will have to use the amount they have on them and wait for the bank to later reimburse them.

But in case you don’t have a credit card, never use your debit card for PIN debit. Pin debit is a transaction that involves inputting the 4-digit PIN that you use at the ATM for transactions.

The reason behind this is that hackers can use your card details and create a replica card and then use your 4-digit PIN to make ATM withdrawals.

Google Untrusted Apps

As simple as it might sound, this is one of the most used methods hackers use to steal credit/debit card information.  With this, hackers create fake mobile or PC apps and set up a payment platform where the data you input is sent directly to the hacker.

Your data is then used to make purchases online by the hacker using your name. To avoid this, always Google apps that request you to enter your card details.

When searching, make sure to read reviews of people who have used the app before and also check the version of the app they commented on and the developer of that particular app.

Because of SEO, please take the time and read through at least three search pages before you make your final decision.

Don’t Fall For Phishing

Phishing is the act where hackers send emails imitating official institutions with click on links or attachments. What happens is that once you open the link or attachment an unknown malware will be installed on your device.

Such malware can capture data such as card details you enter online and then send it to the hacker. Therefore, be vigilant when you receive an unexpected email demanding you to visit a website or to open an attachment.

As soon as you receive such emails, make sure to contact your bank first, before you decide on opening the link or attachment. Also, never enter your card details on a website you didn’t manually type in your address bar.

Be Careful When Using The ATM

This is where some hackers tend to make their hacks. They usually install technologies that will capture your card details and PIN code and forward it to the person who installed it.

For that reason, it is always advisable to use ATMs at one of your banks’ branches nationwide. This is because fraudsters usually don’t try those places due to the presence of security personnel.

ATMs at shopping malls, filling stations, and those by the roadside cannot be trusted due to its exposure to the general public at all times.

Set SMS Alerts For Your Debit/Credit Card

This is the best way to know what is happening to your card and your bank account. With this feature, once an amount enters or leaves your card, you will be notified on your device.

This helps to prevent future losses should you in case of spot an unfamiliar transaction on your card. The mobile SMS alert is available in almost all the banks and major financial institutions in Ghana.

Keep Track Of Your Card (s)

We often leave our credit/debit card somewhere and only go for it when we want to use them to make transactions. Though that is good, checking your card at least once a week could do the trick.

This might sound very stressful but, it helps to alert your bank immediately if you cannot find it where you usually place it.

Change Your Card PIN As Often As Possible

If possible, change your card PIN at least every three (3) months to keep it safe. A hacker can obtain your card details and then wait for over some months to purchase for you to forget where your card details were got from.

Therefore, changing your PIN every three (3) months can help you to avoid such instances.


The methods stated above are not 100%, because there’s no way you can protect yourself 100% from fraudsters. But, the methods in this article can provide you some above-average protection.

Other methods can be used on how to protect your debit and credit card against fraud in Ghana but these are my recommendations. Depending on your preference, you can select the one that works best for you.

I Hope, this article will be helpful and will achieve its purpose for which it was written.

Please make sure to share with your loved ones and relatives and let us protect ourselves against these fraudsters, it could happen to everyone.

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