7 Reasons Why iPhone And iOS sucks

Before you jump into and join the Apple world and get yourself a new apply iPhone, consider the information in this post. Even if you are tired of Android or Windows phone, below is the reason why the iPhone sucks.

File Transfer And Mass Storage

Other smartphones in the market make file transfer very easy with just drag and drop function from the device to the computer and vice-versa; you just connect the phone to the computer and its internal memory will show up as well as external storage if available, but with iPhone, the case is different.

Every little thing has to be done through iTunes and even with that, using your phone as mass storage is still a pain in the butt. You may have iTunes installed on your PC but what if you find yourself at another place and there is no iTunes available on the machine for transferring files?

Another annoying thing is with the Bluetooth transfer. Since Apple has not approved nor introduced any app to the App store, I doubt if they will release any app to perform the Bluetooth transfer function any time soon.

Expensive And Over-Priced

We all know and come to an agreement that an iPhone isn’t cheap. Sometimes, I even feel it’s over-priced. Despite the fast-growing competition between mobile companies at this fast tech decade, Apple still remains adamant to reduce the prices of their product.

A couple of months after most smartphone companies launch a new device or product, the price is likely to drop but with Apple, this is never the case.

External Memory

Its clear Apple is trying so hard to be different and not to follow their competitors but all we see it’s their setbacks. Why won’t the iPhone use an external memory? Sony managed to build a water resistance phone, Samsung on the other hand did something great with that eye scrolling thing.

Just a few to mention, they did all these without leaving the most basic things that still make phone usage easy for their consumers.

In recent years, Apple lacks the innovation it used to enjoy and known for, and even if they want to create something unique and different, they should find other ways of doing this without depriving its users of what others have been enjoying for years.

Media Support

With the audio output of the iPhone acceptable to a reasonable degree, media support for different video format is impossible. With its default player, only mp4 video file format is accepted.

You can’t just download a video in any format from the internet and watch on your device without going the extra mile to covert the video to the accepted format (mp4) on your PC before transferring back to your device using iTunes.

Definitely, there are some apps that can play other video formats but this should be possible in the default app without any third app.


App iDevices run on Apple Operating System which is iOS, this is very clean and simple but very restricted. It’s impossible to modify or customize your device in any way unless you jailbreak it.

Jailbreaking gives some people a bit of freedom to customize their device but I must tell you, Apple is doing everything possible in their might to make the jailbreaking process impossible for everyone.

Limited Devices

Its the iPhone so, you have no choice but to either go for iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s, 7 and others. Variety, they say, is the spice of life but this is not the case with Apple products.

There are limited devices to choose from and even worse, iOS is getting weary; its the same old boring look since 2007 that’s just being re-polished. If you look at the industry players, there are so many types of Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia, Sony Xperia and others to choose from ranging from low-end smartphones to high-end devices. Apple leaves you no choice.

Battery Cannot Be User Replaced

Everyone has a limited life-cycle of your phone. Smartphones in its own way have a poor battery life throughout the day. But to add to the problem, iPhone battery will slowly degrade over months.

In 1-2 years of usage, expect your battery to have reduced capacity. The only thing you would have to do easily is to buy a new iPhone. That is, if you don’t bother going to a special repair where you would be charged for both battery replacement and new battery.


No doubt, iPhone tops it all when it comes to security but when it comes to customization and basic features that’s available for their competitor’s devices, iPhone sucks.

In this post, I have listed seven (7) reasons why, in my own opinion, iPhone sucks.

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