How To Reverse Wrong Transactions On AirtelTigo Money

Have you made any wrong AirtelTigo Money (ATM) transaction you wish you reverse? No problem, I am going to show you step by step how you can reverse wrong transactions on AirtelTigo Money (ATM).

AirtelTigo Money (ATM) has been in the fintech industry for quite some time now. The then Tigo cash was one of the first mobile money services that were launched in Ghana.

After some years, the other networks followed and now almost all the network providers in Ghana have mobile money services. As a result, mobile money services are one of the most used financial platforms in Ghana.

Due to the high number of active mobile money users, fraudsters and other unforeseen circumstances might lead us into making wrong transactions. When such things we end up frustrated and confused; especially when that is your last money.

Because of such circumstances, AirtelTigo Money has rolled out a special option that allows users to reverse wrong transactions they made.  Once you request for reversal and your reason for applying is valid and reasonable, your money will be reimbursed in your wallet.

How Does AirtelTigo Money Reverse Wrong Transactions?

I have received this question from many people across the country and I would like to explain to you briefly how it works. Please note that the fact that you apply for a wrong transaction reversal doesn’t automatically guarantee that you will get your money back.

Basically, the process for wrong transaction reversal begins as soon as you apply for it. Once you apply, your information will be sent directly to the AirtelTigo Money (ATM) reversal desk.

After that, AirtelTigo will perform an audit/investigation on your account and the transaction history. This normally happens within a 30-day period (might vary depending on your account and the time you made the complaint).

Finally, after the 30-day period and you are found to have made a wrong transaction, Airtel Tigo Money will pay the amount back into your account.

How To Reverse Wrong Transactions On AirtelTigo Money (ATM)

To reverse a wrong transaction on Airtel Tigo Money, you need to pay close attention to the steps listed below:

Dial *110*8# on your phone.

Select option 5 (My Transaction Reversal).

Choose option 1 (AirtelTigo) to proceed with the process.

Select option 1 for the last 5 transactions or 2 for other transactions.

Once you are done with the process, AirtelTigo will investigate the transaction and get back to you in due time.


Before you decide to request a wrong reversal, you need to take note that, AirtelTigo will only refund claim of a wrong transaction that has been reported within 30 days of effecting the transaction. Also, a careful investigation has been conducted to establish the claim.

Once you have understood the statement made above, you can then proceed with the transaction reversal. If you think your reason is genuine and valid, then expect to get back your money within the 30-day period.

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