Problems with your Sim Card? Learn to protect and solve Sim problems

Your Sim Card Got Corrupted? Here Is the Solution

Purchase A Card

Purchase a card reader, online using a visa card, Sim card reader in America is worth 7.98 dollars. Buy one suitable for your Sim card. Sometimes, you may not get a precise one for your Sim card, you just need to manage, since not all can fit at a goal. The price varies depending on the size or the shape you desire.

Connect Card Reader to Computer

You need to connect your card reader to your computer. Patiently, read and obey the installation guidelines very promptly. This is because some sim card readers are readily accessible once plugged, meanwhile most require appropriate software with respect to the reader.

Insert Sim into Card Reader

Gently put your Sim card into your Sim card reader. One must be careful since the Sim card will only fit half way into your reader. Your Sim card will not articulately fit into the card reader. Care must be taken when inserting. Kindly follow precautions to avoid damaging your device.

Configuration and Back UP

Click to open your Sim card reader program on your computer. There are diverse options one can select for repair. Conveniently, you configure your card, and also back up history that has both been stored and erased on the card.

Gently Insert Sim Card into Your Phone

Close the program and hurriedly remove your SIM card from the SIM card reader. Insert your Sim card into your phone.  So easy, right?

There are various ways to properly insert a sim card in a phone. Check your phone's manual to be sure.
There are various ways to properly insert a Sim card in a phone. Check your phone’s manual to be sure.

Taking Proper Care of Sim Cards

  • Avoid frequently unmounting of your Sim cards.
  • Check and make sure your device is switched off as at the time of removal.
  • Don’t scratch or rub your Sim card against any metallic object.
  • Avoid, sim cards from coming in contacts with any liquid substance.
  • Keep sim cards away from heat or heat source.
  • Don’t cut out Sim cards, to fit your slot. You may end up destroying your Sim card. Few succeed, you may not. Visit the nearest networking office for such services.

Did you break your sim? Read this

Certain activities may leave your sim card broken. This could be forceful inserting and removal of sim cards from your phone. The Sim card is made of rubber and a semi metallic plate. When you observe, the metallic plate is in the compartment, every part has its role to play.

So, any irresponsible handling may lead a part from not working, hence affecting the work chain in all. You can keep your Sim card in a cotton wool nicely when not in use. One must make sure, the cotton wool is dried up, and has no liquid content to avoid rusting. Now, pay extra attention to this, when your Sim card is  broken,

Now, pay extra attention to this, when your Sim card is  broken,

Check very well to ascertain whether or not it’s really broken. In some cases, it could be a film of dirt cast on the silver plate. In such case, you only need to wipe it with a clean cotton. Immediately you see a message like “sim error” or something similar, just remove your sim and reinsert it and switch on your phone.

If reinserting it does not remedy the situation, call the customer care service to report the matter. They will help you get a new Sim card with the same mobile number and most importantly back up your Sim card history but before such actions, you will be invited to their office.

Your Lost Simcard Could Be Used by Fraudsters, Read This to Prevent It

In Ghana, most mobile users are oblivious to going through proper registration procedure to acquire a Sim card. This is where fraudsters take advantage. You should quickly inform your service provider about your lost sim card, to either block it permanently if you don’t want to use anymore.

It’s very unsafe to stay without reporting. Firstly, you must register your Sim card with your real name and details by using a valid national identification card either voter’s id or health insurance card.

Now, if you just found out someone is using your already lost sim card, just call your network provider for proper actions to be administered.

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