How To Solve ‘Content Not Available In Your Country’ Problem On Youtube

Today, there are billions of video content available on the internet. From music videos to tutorials, sports highlights, movies and comedy skits.

But, just how annoying does it get when you want to watch a movie, a music video or a tutorial only to get the notification that ‘This Content Is Currently Not Available In Your Country’?

That very moment, you’ll think of the volume of data you bought just for the purpose of watching that content and the number of websites you had to look through before you finally got the right platform.

It’s totally exhausting, right?

Well, if you find yourself in this situation right now, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we take a look at why the ‘Content Not Available In Your Country’ notification comes up and how to resolve it.

Do stick around and read to the end to discover the solution to this utterly annoying situation.

Why Some Videos Are Not Available In Your Country

Honestly, nobody understands the fact that videos made for public view are limited to some countries only. Like why would you even produce a video and upload it on the internet if you don’t want some people to see it? The internet is a global network, after all.

Yea. That line of thought is right. But… You know what? The ‘Video Not Available In Your Country’ problem is not entirely from the uploader. At least, most of the times.

So, here are some few things that are likely to trigger that problem:

  1. First things first. So, this is entirely possible if the video creator decided to limit the video to certain locations only. This could be because of Patent issues or some other legal issues or perhaps, the owner just doesn’t want some people to see. It’s their creation after all. So they get to choose who can see it.
  2. Other times, it’s just purely an issue with the video streaming platform. Platforms such as Youtube usually comply by International Governmental laws and so they are able to block certain videos from showing in certain countries. Especially if the videos are against the laws of such nations.

Now, are you ready to fix this problem once and for all?

Using VPN To Watch Videos Not Available In Your Country

The base reason why you can’t watch certain videos in your country is that they have not been made available to your country.

So, what’s the easiest way for you to watch such videos if they really are of importance to you?

It’s simple. Just travel! Cross border and go to another country where the video is available.

But, really? Who wants to grab their Passport and Visa just to go watch a 30 minutes video? Well, it’s not that difficult… with the help of technology.

You can use specialized software which enables you to switch your location and IP address from your current country to another country. Such software is called Virtual Private Network (VPN).

There are thousands of VPNs out there. The best ones are the premium ones which you have to pay for. But there are some really cool free ones out there too.

They are easy to download and setup, even on an iPhone. Once you have them installed on your machine, you can then change the location to either UK, US or any other first world country to get access to the chosen video.

Fixing ‘Video Not Available In Your Country’ With Browser Extensions

Another sure way to go about solving this problem is the use of specialized browser extensions which enable you to change your IP address. They act just as VPNs but they are simpler to install and are installed as plugins, addons or extensions for your browser.

One of the most widely used extensions is the Holla Extension.

To use this extension, kindly follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download the Holla Browser extension for your Web browser. It is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
  2. Once you download it, click and run it to install. The installation is simple and requires no extra efforts. You’ll see the Hola icon listed on the right side of your address bar if it’s fully and well installed.
  3. Open the Youtube video you want to watch.
  4. Then, click on the Hola extension’s icon. This will automatically capture the website address “” as your browsing URL.
  5. Choose the country whose IP address you wish to use. Remember to choose a country in the western world. You can either choose the USA, Canada or UK.
  6. Reload your youtube video. This should work perfectly now and you should be able to watch your video.
  7. If it doesn’t work, go back and change the country to another one again.


The pain of not being able to watch your favourite Movie, Music Video or Tutorial on Youtube and other Video Streaming platforms because ‘The Video Is Not Available In Your Country’ is extremely excruciating.

Frankly, it’s one thing nobody can deal with. But, that shouldn’t be your fate. There’s a way to work around this problem and resolve it perfectly.

In this article, we spoke about why you get the ‘Video not available in your country’ feedback and some of the best ways to resolve it.

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