How to get the Perfect Valentine Messages for your Partner

We look at Valentine messages and resources! February has long been considered as the month of Love.

There is no facet of our lives that technology doesn’t affect.

In February 2017, will put up posts dubbed “#ValentineSpecial” with a focus on technology and our love lives. This was the Second Post in the series. You can read the first part here: #ValentineSpecial: For Lovers – Every Couple should be using this app.

Today, we look at two resources to get our Valentine message out and clear.

1. Canva’s Amazing Designs

Let’s start off with Canva. This web app can help you create beautiful designs for valentines day; whether you want to send to someone or you would want to use as a profile photo.

When you open the page, sign up with an email or with your Social Media account. You should be presented with a field to choose what you would use canva for. Choose “Personal”. You will then be directed to another screen which will guide you through a tutorial on how to use the app. It only takes 23 seconds to be fully done with the tutorial.

Canva has a whole lot of layouts, text and font options, elements, shapes, free photos, customisable background and the option to upload your own photo to be used in the design. It is a full free customization online service you can benefit from.

I managed to create a card on Canva in a minute. It was quite simple and if you are very design-savvy, you should be able to do more. Start designing with Canva now to reflect your best valentine messages.

Valentine messages example - The card I created on
The card I created on

2. Valentines Day Special App – Valentine Messages and More

In February, a lot of apps show up claiming to do a lot of things. Well, no one will want to be stuck on Valentine’s day without a good message for their lover.

And oh, do you even know why valentines day is celebrated?

I crushed on this cool android app and it is amazing what it has – valentine messages as well as the history of the whole Valentine celebration.

Screenshots of the Valentines Day Special App containing Valentine Messages
Screenshots of the Valentines Day Special App

This app is one of those that “contain everything” related to Valentine. It has a love tester, romantic text messages you can copy, personalise and send, horoscopes as well as activities.

Valentine will be here soon so it’s important to be fully prepared for it with this app.
Did I mention this app has tips for single people as well?

And it’s free. Download the app from here: Valentines Day Special App

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