Want FaceTime On Android: Alternative App For FaceTime

FaceTime is an Apple app that is a video call platform for iPhone users. The Facetime app can be only used by iOS meaning it’s not available to Android users.

Facetime isn’t available to Android but there’re great alternative apps available on Android. Now on Android, you can get the same FaceTime experience and you can communicate with friends and family.

Well, the alternatives are great apps for video calling and these are the very best Alternative App For FaceTime with great positives Reviews.


Available: iOS/ Android

WhatsApp is the most popular free messaging apps in Africa and mostly known for texting, chatting but also supports voice & video calls. It’s the perfect Alternative App For FaceTime because a lot of people make use of it. One important fact about WhatsApp is that sometimes it comes pre-installed on some Android phone OS and it’s so easy to use and navigate for anyone.

with over 3 Billion downloads on Play Store, most people you know already have WhatsApp. Apart from that Privacy and security, have been encrypted for call and text. It also has a feature to save data using video calls, you can activate it by activating the ‘Low Data Usage’ toggle

Data and storage usage.

Low Data Usage will reduce video quality to lower data use. To use the video call – just tap the video camera icon in any chat, also WhatsApp supports up to 5 participants in a single call (Depending on future upgrade).

WhatsApp also features voice and text chat, groups chat, cloud backups, broadcast message, GIFs, Emoji, and more. The app is potentially for communication and business purposes.

To use WhatsApp, you need a phone number, it’s also available for computers and tablets.


Available: iOS/ Android

Skype, an app that has been available for a long time before FaceTime and WhatsApp. It’s pretty much older than every other video calling platform and had enough time to get perfect it. Being older than any other App it is trusted by a lot of people and a lot of people have it already.

Using Skype is easy, with just an email address and password you can log in or Sign Up, which is different from using a phone number like WhatsApp. Skype is also available on computers and tablets but works better on computers & tablets. In fact, it runs on almost all platforms from Android and iOS to Windows and Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and so on.

Once you’ve signed up and you can add friends and family using a phone number or username and can video call them at the press of a button, also Skype supports up to 24 participants in a single call.

Note: Whoever you’re calling will need to be using Duo as well.


FaceTime has always been an app android has to desire to have which is only available on iOS, but with Android being one of the best operating systems that develop every single day. There have been so many apps on the OS for Android Users to forget FaceTime exists because these apps have far improved to have all the features available on FaceTime.

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