Who is an inside player in football?

Each player in a football team has a dyed-in-the-wool position in the playing scheme, which has a name that corresponds to the function and actions of the player on the field. Inside is one of the terms directly related to the position a player occupies in the offensive line. Traditionally, each position has an English name that has been or is used in a professional environment.

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Some terms such as defensive stalwart, wing-back, full-back, and striker continue to be relevant and continue to be used in professional slang. Other names, for example, inside, due to the development of football tactics have become obsolete, and have lost their meaning. It is used in professional football rarely, mainly in the analysis of the game situation.

What does an inside football player do during the match?

In the journalistic community and politics, the term means a closed source of information found inside the object being studied or investigated.

In football, the term refers to the position of a player who gravitates toward the center during an attack, either for individual action or as an aid to the center forward.

In other words, the player in the position of inside shifts inside the football field during the attack, saturating the attacking line of his team with his active actions.

In terms of the set of assigned functions, the term inside is closest to the position of the attacking midfielder. Often the position of the inside following the game plan plays flank attackers who may move to the center during the attack towards the opponent’s goal.

The offside position was classically used in the early days of football when the field most often used an attacking scheme. The Inside Lefts and Rights were placed under the players of the attacking line between the wingers and the center forward.

During the attacking action in the pyramid scheme, the players in this position are placed at an angle of 45 to the opponent’s goal. In the double-ve scheme, the insides are placed behind the attacking players and act as their assistants. Teams continue to play with these schemes, but instead of the inside position, football tactics have evolved to include extended offensive options.

What does the position of the inside mean in the tactical scheme?

BERLIN, GERMANY – JUNE 06: A general view of Lionel Messi of Barcelona in action during the UEFA Champions League Final between Juventus and FC Barcelona at Olympiastadion on June 6, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)

At this point, almost any player involved in offensive action can be called an inside at some point. Every coach has his vision of the game and his understanding of the position a player should occupy on the pitch. In practice, it looks like this:

  • In the 3-4-2-1 tactical scheme the two wingers play in the position of the infielder;
  • In the 4-4-2 formation the two extreme midfielders are on the outside;
  • In the 4-3-3 formation the wingers can be called insides (Inside Forward (Inside Left / Inside Right)​​;
  • In a 4-2-2-2 formation four players, two extreme midfielders, and a central midfielder can play as insides.

In most cases, the positioning of players during an attack depends on the nature of the match and the goals set for the game. During a game, the central midfielders and the wingers can theoretically be offensive players.

Since the tactics may change during the game and the dynamics of the game require more action from the attacking team, it is inappropriate to use the term inside to refer to the player’s position.


Modern football has drastically changed the meaning of positions, greatly expanding and increasing the functionality of players on the field. 


Who is an inside player in football?

An inside player in football can be a player with an offensive mindset who tries to play as a striker or be the main striking force during the match.

How many insides are on the pitch?

There are left and right insides that can be used by a coach in his tactical scheme.

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