Why You Can’t Use GBWhatsApp On iPhones

Security is a top priority for IOS. Considering their consumers first, security is top-notch when it comes to Apple Inc. GBWhatsApp is an unofficial mod of WhatsApp and thus there is no assurance of privacy hence it is not officially supported on iPhones.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a modified version of official WhatsApp that uses the same server. Getting familiar with GBWhatsApp, you will find many amazing features that aren’t available on the official WhatsApp.

With the use of GBWhatsApp, you’ll find features like change themes, hide last seen, and far more.

GBWhatsApp is developed for Android and iOS devices by Syrian developer – Omar. This app is often compatible with an iOS device running on iOS 9.0 or higher but isn’t official.

Officially, you can not use GBWhatsApp on iPhones due to the security concerns but there are so many ways one can have the app on their iPhone.

How To Download And Install GBWhatsApp on iPhones (Unofficially)

  • Firstly, open your web browser, by default Safari is iPhone’s browser.
  • Now, on the address bar, simply copy and paste the following link https://ipa.othman.cc/ipa/whats2.php on your safari browser.
  • Download the GBWhatsApp for iOS from the download link and wait a few seconds until the download completes.
  • Once the download process successfully completes, one has got to install the downloaded GBWhatsApp on your iPhone.
  • After the installation completes, you need to navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management on your device.
  • Now, find the profile and trust the developer of GBWhatsApp by tapping on the “Trust”.
  • After that, attend the home screen and tap on the GBWhatsApp icon.
  • When you launch the GBWhatsApp, you’ll see enter your mobile number field. Simply enter your number to proceed.
  • Complete the setup process and experience the amazing features of GBWhatsApp on your iOS device.

Why You Can’t Use GBWhatsApp On iPhone

As stated earlier, GBWhatsApp is a modded version of the official WhatsApp application and thus is unofficial. Unlike the official app that you can download from the iStore, GBWhatsApp cannot be downloaded from the same source.

This is same with Android. Although you can get the app from the above steps since is unofficial you use it at your own risk. For more details, you may have to check some of the below FAQs to satisfy your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions About GBWhatsApp

  • How can I download GBWhatsApp for IOS?
    Clearly, this question has been answered in this post. You can read the post to download GBWhatsApp for IOS.
  • Is GBWhatsApp available for IOS?
    Yes, GBWhatsApp is available for IOS. Although it is not official you can get it in so many ways. You can try the above-mentioned method to have it on your iPhone.
  • Is GBWhatsApp safe?
    Yes, it’s a completely safe application. You don’t need to jailbreak your device which will void your warranty.
  • How can I download Updates to GBWhatsApp?
    You can download updates to GBWhatsapp by following the same procedure listed in this post. The developer provides updates on his website.


Security is a major concern to Apple Inc. They frown on applications that may in one way or the other jeopardies the privacy of their users hence one cannot use GBWhatsApp officially on iPhone. All alternatives are unofficial so you use at your own risk.

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