Why you should start a Blog

There are a million reasons why you should start a blog. If you are a good writer and you feel you would want to reach a wide audience, then blogging my just be it – after all there are about 8 million Internet users in Ghana alone as at 2016.

About from the desire to write, there are a lot more other reasons why you should start a blog. Here are some of them:

  1. Blogging is relatively easy.
    Yes, you read that part right. Blogging is very easy if you follow the right steps. For most people, the most difficult part is setting up the blog in the first place. If you follow this guide step by step, that should not be a problem at all. Don’t forget I offer free WordPress Blog setup
  2. Become a published author.
    If you would want to publish a book, the best way to start is by a blog. Publishers would always want to work with authors who already have an online presence because it makes it easier for them to sell their books. A blog also gives you the platform to market your books to your audience.
  3. Blogging Improves your Life.
    Blogging can help make you a better person in a number of ways. More basically, blogging helps you to improve upon your writing and communication skills. People who blog can express themselves much more than those who don’t. Blogging can also help you build skills such as inter-personal relationships and good thinking abilities. For blogs that encourage comments and interaction, the blogger learns to respect the views of others.
  4. Self-promotion and New Opportunities
    If you blog in your “official name”, then when you apply for a job or position and your name is googled, your blog is likely to very much show up. Apart from giving you that very much needed online presence in today’s world, blogging can also help you tell the world what you can do and what your skills are. If your blog gains a lot of recognition and respect, it will not be too surprising to have someone directly contact you with a contract or job opportunity.
  5. You can make money out of blogging.
    Yes, you can make money out of blogging but don’t get it all twisted in your brain. You should read the part of this series that talks about Making Money from your Blog. Don’t forget to also check out Misconceptions about Blogging in Ghana. The money bit was touched in that post.

Having thought about why you may need to start a blog, you need to convince yourself if that is really the path you want to take. Remember, you can blog only during your leisure time. Interested in starting a blog? Let’s now take a look at the things you need in order to start your blog right. Again, don’t forget about the free WordPress Blog setup

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