How to Withdraw Mobile Money from any Bank’s ATM in Ghana

MTN Mobile Money remains the biggest mobile banking platform for many Ghanaians. For a long time, withdrawing from your MTN Mobile Money wallet was solely facilitated by Mobile Money Merchants.

For a lot of MTN Mobile Money Users, the inability to withdraw their money when there is no Mobile Money merchant around caused a lot of pain. There is no doubt that Mobile Money will remain the easiest and the most convenient way to have access to your money 24/7.

To really make MTN Mobile Money a real 24/7 service, MTN Ghana introduced the ability to withdraw Mobile Money Funds from Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) nationwide.

MTN Ghana has led the mobile banking sector when it comes to innovation.
MTN Ghana has led the mobile banking sector when it comes to innovation.

As at the time of writing, these are banks whose ATMs nationwide support the withdrawal of funds via MTN Mobile Money:

  • Access bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • EcoBank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • GTBank
  • Barclays Bank

How to Withdraw MTN Mobile Money from ATM

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select Option 5 for Financial Services
  3. Select option 1 for bank services
  4. Choose option 3 for ATM cash-out
  5. Choose option 1 to generate the token. Continue next steps on the ATM
  6. On the ATM, Choose Cardless Transactions
  7. Choose MTN Mobile Money
  8. Enter your generated code
  9. Enter your four-digit secret code (your PIN)
  10. Enter the amount of between GHS 5 to GHS 400
  11. Enter your PIN to authorize the transaction
  12. Wait to receive your money from the ATM

This is really simple. However, be careful when withdrawing as some ATMs do not dispense 1 GHS and 2 GHS notes.

To be on the safest side, always withdraw in multiples of GHS 10. For instance, instead of withdrawing GHS 223, opt to withdraw GHS 220.

Don’t have a Mobile Money Account? Read all about the MTN Mobile Money Registration.

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