5 Reasons why you should buy the TECNO Spark 7p now

It’s been a while since TECNO released the Spark 7p and I have been using it for close to three weeks. As someone who loves to “demand” a lot from the performance of devices, I kept in mind that the Spark series are entry level devices.

Over the last three weeks however, I have been amazed by how well the Spark 7p performs if held by the entry level standards.

What’s more, some of my friends who used the device have also held similar views especially in the areas of gaming and battery life.

Today, I want to explore with you some of the reasons why you should get the Spark 7p if you are looking for a budget device that performs well too.

Let’s get into it.

Good Gaming Experience

Everyone loves to game on their smartphones nowadays. The Spark 7p can comfortably play some of the most popular Android games at normal graphic settings. Games like NBA2K20, Asphalt 8 and 9, PUBG, and Call of Duty Mobile all play at good speeds with very minimal frame drops.

So if you are looking for an affordable device to play your games with, the Spark 7p is definitely a good starting point. Check out a full gaming test of the Spark 7p below.

Great Battery Life

The Spark 7p really has a good battery life when you are using it and not just on paper as you would find on some other devices in this range. The device comes with a 5000mAh capacity battery which in itself is good.

So when gaming for about 30 minutes intense, you only have about 5% to 8% drop in the battery life as seen in the video above.

Also, with normal use with Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Phoenix Browser, Chrome Browser, Spotify and some gaming (Sonic Dash), the battery was still able to last me a full day and over.

On one particular day, I forgot to charge the phone and stepped out of home with a 17% battery. By using the Ultra Battery Saver mode, I still had 11% battery remaining when I returned home later. As with all devices, you need to pick up some good battery-saving habits to even enjoy longer battery life.

Budget Friendly

Everyone buys a phone that is within their budget. So when a budget phone comes around offering a lot more than basic features, then it is worth considering.

The TECNO Spark 7p is selling on the market now in Ghana and selling for GHS 750 for the 64GB + 4GB variant and GHS 895 for the 128GB + 4GB variant.

Well, some might say the price is too steep to be called budget. However, when you look at the prices of phones nowadays, this is as affordable as it gets for a device that can be used for 2+ years with the right software updates.

With the large storage available, you should not have an issue with space. If you do, you could utilise Google Photo’s backup features.

AI Camera Features

I’m not a big fan of big terminologies for small functions. When it comes to camera’s I just want it to work. However, considering the market the phone is targerted at, the AI features TECNO has in the camera will help to take nicer photos.

Now, you don’t need to be an expert photographer to change modes for the camera. The camera can detect if you want to take selfies and switch to portrait.

If your background is over lit, the camera even brings on the HDR Backlight function to help keep your image properly exposed. The camera also detects the eyes in photos and uses that to focus images better.

Big Screen to do more

The 6.8″ Dot Notch Screen that is on the TECNO Spark 7 is big enough to give a good viewing experience. When watching YouTube or other media, you can even zoom in so the media fill the whole screen.

Also, when it comes to gaming, you are able to have your hands on the phone and also enjoy a good view of the game. The screen works fairly well in the sunlight and has colours that are almost true tone. Be careful of the eye care settings as this changes how the colour outputs on the device.

Overall, this screen is big enough to give you maximum enjoyment whether you are on instagram, YouTube or you are just gaming your hearts out.


The TECNO Spark 7p is the affordable under GHS 900 option phone to get right now. With good battery to game and move around with and a screen that allows you to enjoy your content, this phone has a lot of basis covered.

If you want to have an experience of any of the devices in the TECNO Spark 7 series, you can walk into any of TECNO’s accredited shops nationwide. For a list of the shops, click here; https://www.tecno-mobile.com/gh/stores/#/

You can also buy online via this link https://bit.ly/3asO1Gk.

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