Biometric Ghanaian Passport Online: 4 things to know before applying

Getting a Biometric Ghanaian Passport Online has never been easy. Starting from January 2017, applications were opened to apply for legal biometric passports online. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration launched the online passport application service for Ghanaians to ease the mode of the application while ensuring maximum security for applicants.

Since then, there has been a lot of talk about the process, with some Ghanaian been sceptical about the whole “online application” process. We wrote a long post explaining every detail of the application process. You can read that in full here.

The Log In Screen for the Online Ghana Passport Application
The Log In Screen for the Online Ghana Passport Application

However, in this post, we look at some basic information we think you should know before you start the whole application process. If the information on this page is not enough, you can read a chunk of questions our readers have posted (with answers) about the application of the Biometric Ghanaian Passport online here. You can also ask your own questions on that same page.

Let us now look at the 4 important things you should know as a Ghanaian before you attempt the online application.

Is the whole online Biometric Ghanaian Passport Real?

Probably the most common question we are expected to answer each day. The answer still remains what it has been since day one. Yes! You can apply for your Biometric Ghanaian Passport online, and receive your genuine passport.

Yes, the application is real. Yes, there are testimonies of people who have filled the form and have received their passport.

Perhaps, the biggest yes would be that I personally renewed my passport through the process. Just like applying for Business Registration Online is real, so is the passport application.

Premium Ghana Passport Centre to cost GHS 50 more for express service

What is the difference between an Expedited Application and a Standard Application?

As with almost any other service, some people may need it more than others. The Biometric Passport Application is no different in this regard. There are two types of Application.

The first one is the Expedited Application which is popularly known as “Express Passport”, and the Standard Application, which we could just refer to as the normal application.

The Express Passport application form costs GHS 100, while the Standard Passport Application costs GHS 50, here in Ghana. The reason the express application costs more is that you get your passport in 15 days using that method. The Standard Application averagely takes a month.

Note that a passport that was delivered via the Express Application looks no different from one that passed through the Standard Application.

Outside view of the Passport Application Centre in Accra, Ghana.
Outside view of the Passport Application Centre in Accra, Ghana.

Do I have to still go to the Passport Application Centre after filling my Ghanaian Passport Form Online and what will I be going to do there?

Yes, you need to go to the Accra Passport Application Centre (PAC) to complete your online application. One may ask: If the application is online, then why go to the Accra PAC to complete it?

Well, the PAC needs to take your biometric data and photograph with their own systems. Also, you will be vetted by up to 4 Vetting Officers at the PAC to determine that your application is genuine, you are a Ghanaian, among other things.

The PAC is located just around the Department of Urban Roads in Accra, near the popular Tema Station (Tema Station is ironically not in Tema). You can follow directions to the Accra Passport Application Centre here.

Sample Filled Biometric Ghanaian Passport Online Application Form

If you are ever in doubt how what information you need to fill the passport application form, we have included a sample application form filled for a Biometric Passport as it appeared online. Download it here: Sample-Passport-Biometric-Ghana-Online-Passport-Application

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