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Online Ghana Passport Application was introduced in 2017. The Application took an online turn when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration launched an online passport application service for Ghanaians to ease the mode of the application while ensuring maximum security for applicants.

Since then, there has been a lot of talk about the process, with some Ghanaian been sceptical about the whole “online application” process.

I personally like the online process because of the integration with Mobile Payment solutions. This means that I don’t have to even go to the bank to buy a pin for the online form. Wonderful!

Online Passport Application Centres in Ghana

There are currently 4 online Passport Application Centres in Ghana. 3 of them are in the Greater Accra Region while one is in the Eastern Region.

Here is a list of where you can submit your online passport application in Ghana:

  1. Passport Application Centre at Kinbu, Accra – See directions
  2. Passport Application Centre at the Accra Digital Centre – See Directions
  3. Tema Community 4 Passport Application Centre – See Directions
  4. Koforidua Passport Application Office – See Directions

How to get your Ghanaian Passport in 15 days

Starting from this year, 2019, the Government of Ghana has introduced the premium service for Passport to make the process even faster. This was after the passport form was made available for free to download and fill.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has commissioned a fast-track application process office known as the Premium Passport Processing Centre at the Accra Digital Centre (Contact: +233303978399 for directions).

To use this passport service, applicants will go through the usual vetting and passport applications. They will fill the form online (as described in this article below).

At the end of the application process, there are two options to choose from. Choose premium application centre

You will be given a date to go to the office. There, you will pay GHS 60 and the process will be underway.

You will receive text confirmation messages from the Ghana Passport Application Centre on the status of your passport.

When you receive the final message, which looks like: “Hello Mfidie, Your passport G2****1 is ready for collection at Premium PAC – Accra Passport Office. The collection time is 9:30 am to 3 pm. Thank you.”,  you can go to the Premium Passport Application centre to collect your passport.

In total, you pay the following for passport and processing:

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  • GHS 110 for Standard Application + Premium PAC
  • GHS 160 for Express Application + Premium PAC

Recent Updates:

20/06/2019: There are now 4 places to process your passport application at.

21/03/2019: By paying an additional GHS 50, you can have your passport delivered to your home.

01/11/2018: From November 2018, the offline process of the application for a Ghanaian passport has been partially taken online. This involves downloading the passport application form for free in PDF.

29/01/19: Banks in Ghana are no longer selling Passport Forms starting from 28th February 2019.

We will continue to update you the process for acquiring the passport form for free. Share this article with your friends who might need it on Facebook and other social media and don’t forget to ask your questions here.

Remember that process required you to pay a processing fee of either GHS 50 or GHS 100.

What is a Passport?

A passport is an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries. Without a passport, it is almost impossible to travel between Countries and or Jurisdictions.

How was the Ghana Passport Application done before the introduction of the online process?

Before the introduction of the Ghana Passport Application Online, applicants had to buy a form and fill. This was a very tedious process because most of the requirements were not easy to understand.

The grim nature of the application process led to a lot of Middle Men. Although some of the Middle Men were genuine, a lot of them were fake and often squandered the money of unsuspecting applicants.

How to process your online Ghana Passport Application in 30 minutes

In the worst case, the Middle Men would deliver fake passports to applicants, especially prior to the biometric passport usage in Ghana. Although the Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduced the Bio-metric Passport registration, middlemen and other con men were not deterred. They have continued to “operate” thus far under different stratagems.

Another negative of the former application process was that it led to a lot of queues at the Passport Application Centres which often led to fights and disorganisation with a lot of pressure on passport office workers.

Can you apply for a Ghanaian Passport through the old method too?

The Passport Application is not solely online. The “old” method of applying for a Passport will continue to be used alongside this new one.

This would enable applicants who are not comfortable with the new system to go through the old one. It is not clear when the Old System will be phased out, but that would not be anytime soon.

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However, a lot of people have reported that at GCB Bank, the could not get the “Old Forms”. This is an indication that the process may be fully online by the end of 2018.

Is the Whole Process of the Online Ghana Passport Application fully Online now?

No! The whole process is not online. After completing the online part of the application, you would book an appointment with the application centre in Accra to complete the process.

The Log In Screen for the Online Ghana Passport Application
The Log In Screen for the Online Ghana Passport Application
If you have questions, kindly click this link and ask: Ghana Online Passport Application Discussion - Tips, Problems, Process and More

New Ghanaian Passports applied from March 2019 to be valid for 10 years

Download Sample Ghana Passport Online Application form

You can download a sample “filled” Ghana Passport (Online Application) to know which information you will need. Download here: Sample-Passport-Ghana-Online-Passport-Application

How to Apply for a Ghanaian Passport Online

Here are the steps on how to apply for a Ghanaian Passport online: It is simple to apply. You can kick-start the process on  by visiting:

  1. Visit the application portal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
  2. Create a new user account
  3. Login with your Username and Password.
  4. Click on Start New Application.
  5. Make Payment for processing fee.
    1. Choose a bank, then choose an application type (standard or expedited), choose payment channel to make payment.
    2. After successfully paying the processing fee, the form is issued into your account to continue with your passport application. This form can be found at “My Applications”
    3. Note that payments made are irreversible
    4. Please note that manual (PDF) forms processing fee voucher codes are NOT TO BE USED here
  6. Complete all details on the form.
  7. Sign the Declaration Form.
  8. Book a date you will like to go to the Passport Application Center (PAC) for the verification of your documents and to take your biometric details (i.e. photograph and fingerprints).
  9. Present yourself on the appointment date at the Passport Application Center for verification of your documents and to capture biometric details.
  10. After your appointment, the PAC will indicate to you when your passport will be ready for collection.
  11. Go to the Passport Application Center (PAC) on the date indicated to you to collect your passport. The Premium PAC has the option for courier delivery.

Types of Ghanaian Passport Application and their Prices

There are two types of Application. The first one is the Expedited Application aka “Express” and this costs GHS 50 more.

Application Type Price (GHS)
Expedited Application 100.00
Standard Application 50.00

Premium Ghana Passport Centre to cost GHS 50 more for express service

Where can I pay to Apply for Ghana Passport Online?

There are a lot of options when it comes to paying for the form. You can use the MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash or Vodafone Cash. Find the partner banks too and their mode of payment.

Bank Available Purchase Channels
EcoBank Ghana Branches nationwide, Airtel Money, VISA & MasterCard, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash, Vodafone Cash.
GCB Bank Branches nationwide, Vodafone Cash.
Zenith Bank Ghana Branches nationwide, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Tigo Cash, Vodafone Cash, VISA & MasterCard.
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Paying for a new or renewal of Ghanaian Passport Online using Mobile Money

If you would want to use Mobile Money to pay for the Passport online:

  1. Register a new account on the portal by visiting:
  2. Click on Applications
  3. Click New Application
  4. When Payment comes, choose EcoBank, GCB Bank or Zenith Bank
  5. After that, choose MTN Mobile Money or your preferred network
  6. Enter your number and confirm the payment via your phone
  7. The Portal will now allow you to continue the application process

What do I need for the Ghana Passport Application Online?

First Time Applicants

  1. Birth Certificate (Proof of Ghanaian citizenship) – This is how to apply for one online.
  2. Documents to support Identity such as Driver’s Licence, National ID card
  3. Proof of Profession (An introductory letter from the applicant’s employer that is if the applicant is currently employed or a work ID card that bears the applicant’s name, organisation’s name and position. A student ID if the applicant is currently in school. Homemakers/housewives and applicants that are unemployed and those in the non-formal sector of employment like mechanics, hairdressers seamstresses, traders etc. do not need proof. Registered Business Owners and self-employed applicants must produce their business registration certificate as proof)

Renewing Applicants (Biometric)

  1. First page and bio-data page with picture and information page
  2. Valid Visa if the applicant has any in Old Passport
  3. Last page
  4. Proof of Profession if changed

Information Worth Mentioning About Ghana Passport Application

If you have all the correct documentation that you are supposed to have ready and you upload your information on the online passport application and you have paid your processing fees and there is nothing wrong with your supporting documentation, it is expected that you get your new passport in 10 to 30 days.

Also, remember online applications are processed at only the following four centres:

  1. Passport Application Centre at Kinbu, Accra – See directions
  2. Passport Application Centre at the Accra Digital Centre – See Directions
  3. Tema Community 4 Passport Application Centre – See Directions
  4. Koforidua Passport Application Office – See Directions

Do you think the Online Ghana Passport Application is the right step? Would you use it? Let your view be heard in the comments and share with your friends.

If you have questions, kindly click here to ask and we will answer shortly: Ghana Online Passport Application Discussion - Tips, Problems, Process and More

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