Hack it!: Extend Your MTN bonus credit by up to 3 Days for just 1 Pesewa

A little trick. By buying GHS 0.01 via Mobile Money, you can extend your bonus by up to 3 days.

MTN Ghana is the biggest telecommunications network in Ghana, momentarily. Their Mobile Money service is also the biggest mobile payment and transact solution in Ghana right now.

A lot of us use Mobile Money for a lot of stuff, among which is to buy credit for ourselves or family and friends. On MTN Mobile Money, you can only buy credit for MTN lines. If you look at buying credit for other networks with mobile money via USSD, check out MOVE or ALEXpay.

MTN gives a 100% bonus on credit purchased with Mobile Money. This is a very good move, except for one annoying restriction – the bonus credit only lasts for 3 days.

Take this scenario: You purchase GHS 50 worth of credit via MTN Mobile Money to activate one of MTN’s bundle plans. You are instantly given GHS 50 worth of bonus credit for MTN Calls and SMS. But this credit is for just 3 days. What are you going to do? Start calling everyone just to waste the credit? Well, you don’t have to.

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This little trick leverages on MTN’s own 3-day limit to help you extend your bonus credit if you have not used it up. What’s more? it only costs you 1 pesewa (GHS 0.01) to execute the trick each time.

Steps to extend your MTN Bonus Credit by 3 days with just 1 pesewa

  1. Dial the MTN Mobile Money shortcode on your phone – *170#
  2. Select option 3 – Buy Airtime
  3. Enter Amount, type 0.01 (this represents 1 pesewa or GHS 0.01)
  4. Enter your mobile number
  5. Confirm your mobile number
  6. Enter your pin number to confirm the transaction

Once confirmed, you will receive GHS 0.01 worth of credit and your bonus credit will also be extended by 3 days. You can repeat the process every two or three days if you have a lot of bonus credit, to keep your bonus alive.

Remember, you can only extend your bonus by up to 3 days. this means that doing the trick twice in one day does not mean you will get 6 days of bonus usage.

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