MOVE! Send Money from Mobile Money Wallet to all Networks in Ghana [Not Working]

Proceed with caution. Almost all users have reported delays in transactions involving Move, you may want to check out Mobile Money Interoperability which allows you to send money between networks in Ghana. The company seems to be out of service with no way of contacting them.

Send money from your Mobile Money account to another mobile money account? It’s possible!

Somewhere in October 2016, when MOVE was about to launch, I saw the service as one that had a lot of prospects. I have personally used MOVE for more than 6 months now and I will recommend it to everyone. It is worth knowing that as at the time of writing this post, there have been over 20,000 MOVE transactions across networks already.

MOVE! Send Money from Mobile Money Wallet to all Networks in Ghana now has Over 20,000 transactions
Over 20,000 transactions so far on MOVE

So what exactly does MOVE do or more importantly, what is it?

About MOVE!

This is a service that helps you to move money from your mobile money wallet into another mobile money wallet on any network. Apart from this, MOVE also has other unique features that are much needed in today’s mobile industry.

Main Features of MOVE

Send Money to All Mobile money wallets

The service allows you to send money from your mobile money wallet to any other mobile money wallet. For Instance, an MTN User can send Money from MTN Mobile Money to Tigo Cash, MTN Mobile Money to Vodafone Cash and MTN Mobile Money to Airtel Money. A Tigo User, on the other hand, can send Money from Tigo Cash to MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash or Airtel Money. Same applies to Vodafone cash users and Airtel Money Users.

Buy Airtime

MOVE allows users on any network on Ghana to buy airtime. Airtime can be bought for the user (buy for self), or bought for another user. When buying for another person, you are required to select the Mobile Network on which the person is. Currently, supported networks for receiving credit are MTN, Tigo and Airtel.

How to Use the MOVE Service

Irrespective of the network you are on, you can enjoy all the wonderful services by dialling *718*2#

To use MOVE, dial *718*2#
To use MOVE, dial *718*2#

It’s great to see services support inter-network usability. The ability to send money among has been great so far and it will continue to serve a lot more Ghanaians, hopefully. Don’t forget to check out how to register for MTN Mobile Money the right way.

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