How to make Money (GHS 1,500 or more) weekly in Ghana using Uber

I have met a lot of people asking me how to make money with readily available technology here in Ghana. Well, one answer I have mostly not thought about, maybe because it never really occurred to me is Uber.

The truth is that, a few drivers I have spoken to who do Uber here in Accra confess they make about GHS 1,500 weekly from Uber when they work full time. Uber is very profitable in Ghana once you know your way around it. But for beginners, someone may ask: “What is Uber?”.

What is Uber?

Uber is a technologically-driven taxi company which helps customers hail comfortable taxis from anywhere, using just their smartphone application.

The way Uber operates is actually ver simple on the surface. If Kofi wants a ride, he download the application (one time) and requests for a ride after registering (also one time). Once he makes his request, the application does all of the calculations and tells Kofi how much the ride is estimated to cost. After Kofi confirms the trip, the app then matches him to the nearest pre-verified Uber Vehicle available. Kofi chooses which payment method to use, which is mostly cash here in Accra and Kumasi.

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Once the ride is completed, Kofi receives his receipt via email.

So how are people making Money through Uber?

The truth is that Uber does not own any vehicles (most people don’t know this). Yes, you heard right. All the vehicles belong to private individuals. Uber provides just the software to connect drivers with riders, and so the company doesn’t own any vehicles. What happens is that riders pay the money to the driver and Uber charges a percentage of the fee for the use of the software. Here in Ghana, it is somewhere around 25%.

Most people make money on the Uber platform by driving their cars themselves and picking up Uber customers. The more customers and trips, the more money there is to be made. Some rich people also have a fleet of cars and hire drivers to drive these cars. By using Uber’s Fleet App, they are able to monitor the vehicles and make money as well as pay the individual drivers per the agreed terms.

An Uber passenger in the rear seat of a car checking the status of her trip on her phone.
An Uber passenger in the rear seat of a car checking the status of her trip on her phone.

However, the easiest and most affordable way to make money with Uber is to drive your own car and be your own boss. You can even do this part time and make some good money.

As a driver on Uber, you are self-employed and as such, you have complete control over what hours you work.  You can adjust your availability to suit you, and the company only sends you customers (riders) during your available hours when you are online on the app.

Who can register as an Uber Partner in Ghana and start making money?

Depending on your status, Uber offers flexibility as to who can register on the network. You can register on the network as:

  • A driver with no access to a vehicle
  • A vehicle owner who wants to drive
  • A vehicle owner planning to employ someone to drive
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How to register on Uber to start making Money in Ghana

As a Driver with no access to a Vehicle

  1. If you are a driver but don’t have a vehicle yet want to work on Uber, you will need to have the following:
    • A valid Driver’s License for Ghana:  this can be obtained from the DVLA
    • A completed screening session at their nearest Uber screening test centre or at the Greenlight Hub
  2. Follow this link: to tell Uber about yourself.
  3. Uber will link you up to a car once completed.
A sign up form on Uber's website
A sign up form on Uber’s website

A vehicle owner who wants to drive

  1. A vehicle owner who wants to drive should have the following:
    • A valid Driver’s License for Ghana:  this can be obtained from the DVLA
    • A completed screening session at their nearest Uber screening test centre or at the Greenlight Hub
  2. The Vehicle should have:
    • A working radio
    • Air conditioning
    • Four Doors
  3. Also, the needed documentation for the Vehicle are:
    • Vehicle Insurance (Kumasi only)
    • Commercial Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance (Accra Only)
    • Vehicle Inspection Report
  4. Follow this link: to tell Uber about yourself.
  5. Upload all the necessary documents and wait for a confirmation to start driving.

Financial Records needed to register on Uber

To register on Uber, you should have the following information ready:

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  • Your name as it appears on your Bank account
  • Your account number
  • Swift code of your bank branch. (If you don’t know your swift code, just ask the next time you’re at the branch)
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Bank code

Once you have all that information ready, you are ready to drive with Uber and start making money. Keep in mind that the whole process of registering could take anywhere between two days to 14 days. You can check out other apps like Taxify and Uru who run similar business model.

If you have any questions, there is this great Uber group on WhatsApp you can join. Click here:

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