Top 10 Ghanaian Startups That Got Funded in 2021

Almost every individual has an idea that he or she wants to bring to life one day. Whether it is a business plan, a way of getting money from people, building a mobile app, starting a school, the list goes on, these are all ideas that can be brought to life someday.

But one of the main differences between having an idea and bringing that idea to life is the funding needed to make that idea a reality. Since everyone has an idea, why then are people finding it difficult to secure funding for this idea?

There are several companies that are interested in providing startups with funding. But most of these companies are looking out for something unique about each company.

During the Money Summit organized by BezoSmart, Charmaine Hayden who is one of the founding partners of Goodsoil Venture Capital, which is a company that provides startups with funding, stated that when you come to them for funding, there are some specific things they look out for and once you meet them, your funding will be provided for you.

In 2021, when some companies were recovering from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, other companies were securing funds for their businesses. In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 Ghanaian startups that got funded in 2021.

1. mPharma

mPharma is a Ghanaian healthcare startup that was founded by Gregory Rockson, Daniel Shoukimas, and James Finucane in 2013. mPharma offers solutions to health insurance and pharmaceutical companies in Ghana by making it easier for patients to afford their medications.

They also improve access to medicines by providing innovative financing and inventory management solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, and patients. This is done by aggregating and predicting demand across their network of providers.

As of 2021 mPharma had raised a total amount of 88 million dollars from 28 investors and acquired 2 organizations, i.e., Vine Pharmaceuticals and Haltons Limited.

2. OZE’

OZE’ is a Ghanian FinTech and Software startup located at Accra in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. OZE’ is a habit-forming mobile app that makes it easy for SMEs in Africa to keep digital records, make better-informed decisions, and access capital.

The app makes it easy for SMEs in Africa to migrate to the digital world by tracking sales, expenses, and information on their customers. According to the available data, about 97 percent of the businesses that have used OZE for at least nine (9) months are growing or profitable or both.

OZE has been able to raise a total funding amount of 4.4 million dollars from 11 investors.

3. Africa Health Holdings Limited

Africa Health Holdings Limited is a Health Care startup in Accra, Ghana which was founded by Sangu Delle in 2017 and has offices in Nigeria and New York, United States of America.

Africa Health Holdings Limited cultivates a work environment that motivates professionals to strive to exceed their expectations. They value teamwork and the enthusiasm to become a contributor to the development and success of local communities across Africa.

They have been able to raise a sum of 32 million dollars funding money from 7 investors.

4. Zeepay

Founded by Andrew Takyi-Appiah, Zeepay is one of the fastest-growing FinTech companies in Ghana. Zeepay Ghana Limited focuses on providing integrated mobile payments services with mobile wallets targeting the unbanked into the financial stream and easing payments and collections for the banked population.

Zeepay’s main application runs an open-source application and is designed to integrate all types of payment platforms, banks, merchants, Mobile Network Operators, and other companies with subscriber-based transactions. They have been able to raise a total funding amount of 9 million dollars from five (5) investors.

5. Jetstream Africa

Jetstream Africa is a Logistics startup that was founded by Miishe Addy, Raquel Wilson, and Solomon Torgbor in May 2018. Jetstream is a supply chain platform that powers global trade logistics for suppliers in Africa.

Jetstream powers freight forwarding and global exports for African suppliers with tracking and consolidated (LCL) shipping and levels the playing field for access to international trade for SMEs in Africa with just a click of a button.

Jetstream has raised a total funding amount of 3.1 million dollars from nine (9) investors.

6. Fidelity Bank Limited

If you have been in Ghana for a while now, then you know that Fidelity Bank Limited is one of the biggest financial institutions in the country and was founded in 2006 by Edward Effah.

Fidelity Bank Limited provides banking products and services. There are two main types of accounts, i.e., current and savings accounts. In 2012, Fidelity Bank was acquired by WesBanco Bank and had as of 2021, raised a total of 35 million dollars from funding.

7. Complete Farmer

Complete Farmer is an AgTech startup located at East Legon, Accra founded by Charles Ofosuhene, Desmond Koney, and Zoussi Ley in August 2017.

This is an end-to-end digital agriculture platform that provides industries with an easy way to cheaply source quality farm produce and individuals anywhere in the world with a way to own a farm by eliminating middlemen and farm produce aggregators.

Per data from 2021, Complete Farmer has raised a total of 150 thousand dollars from four (4) investors.

8. KudiGo

KudiGo was founded by Bright Ahedor, Gideon Boateng, and Kingsley Abrokwah in June 2017 and is located at Accra in the Greater Accra region of Ghana. It is a big data, fintech, and Retail technology startup company providing services across Africa.

KudiGo offers mobile-based integrated retail, accounting, payments, and analytics engine for informal consumer retailers in Africa. The solution provided by KudiGo enables users to leverage innovative technology in gaining an oversight of their business and adopt efficient financial inclusiveness practices.

As of 2021, KudiGo had raised 490 thousand dollars total funding money from three (3) investors.

9. Redbird

Redbird is a health tech company offering convenient health monitoring for patients with chronic diseases. In May 2018, Redbird was founded by Andrew Quao and Patrick Beattle and has been active ever since.

Redbird supplies pharmacies with everything they need to offer rapid diagnostic services for chronic diseases. And through this, they help them to solve this need by establishing them as the most convenient place for patients to manage their health. A total of 2 million dollars has been raised from six (6) investors by Redbird.

10. BezoMoney

The last (but not least) company on the list is BezoMoney Technologies Limited, a FinTech startup located at Westlands in Accra, Ghana. The company was founded by Mubarak Sumaila, Kenneth Simpson, and Diana Osei.

BezoMoney provides financial solutions for the unbanked and young people in society. Currently, the company has two (2) main products under the brand, i.e., BezoSusu and BezoSmart. 

BezoSusu is a social savings platform for low-income earners and the unbanked that helps them save effectively, build a savings record, access bulk capital through group savings, and boost their creditworthiness.

BezoSmart on the other hand is a financial literacy program that offers young people with education about their finances, savings, investments, etc. Per the data available, BezoMoney had raised a 200 thousand dollars total funding as of 2021.


Everyone has an idea but not everyone is able to bring that idea into existence. There are several companies that are working to make sure that Ghanaians are provided with everything they need in their everyday lives.

This article has shown ten (10) of the top startups in Ghana that were able to secure funding. These fundings have not been spent on luxury, but they have been invested into the respective businesses to make them flourish. There are several other companies, but this article couldn’t involve all of them.

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