Why 2020 BECE Placements is likely to be released before February ends

Please note that the Placement Checkers is available. Kindly call 0555475811 for inquiries or send a WhatsApp to 0535462067. The Ghana SHS School Placement Portal for BECE Candidates will be available on Sunday, 28th February 2021. You can buy checkers now to avoid shortages.

Confirmed: BECE 2020 Placements will be released on Sunday, 28th February 2021.

So in the last three weeks there have been a lot of chatter about when the Ghana Education Service (GES) will release the 2020 School Placements.

Although the placements were scheduled to be released last Sunday, it appears that hitches have prevented that from becoming a reality.

Mfidie.com has already reported that in the interim, GES is setting up Placement Call Centers to tackle all issues that may come up after the release of the Placements for students who wrote last year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination.

However, there is a strong indication that the placements will be released before this month ends. We have come to this likelihood based on publicly available information by GES.

Reasons why BECE Placements will likely be released in February 2021

Placement Call Centers are rapidly being set up

GES has also stated that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the usual going to the Black Star Square and other regional GES offices to solve placement issues will not hold.

At the moment, GES’ Technical team is at work to ensure that the GES call Center runs effectively and efficiently to receive and solve Placement related issues.

Per the speed at which the placement call center has been set up and the frequency of the updates, it is safe to say that GES is working towards releasing the placements this month.

This is because the placements will have to be released before the ca

GES’ own Press Release

The last Press release by the Ghana Education Service explicitly stated that the 2020 placements will be released “soon”.

The introduction the the release stated that “The Ghana Education Service (GES) informs the general public that it is preparing sufficiently to release the Computerized School Placement soon.”

By this, we can be assured that the placements will come at a very soon date, possibly before February ends.

Time to Report to Senior High School

Recently in an interview with the Daily Graphic, the Director General of the GES was quoted as saying: “Usually we give them some three weeks to prepare to go to school and we wanted to keep to that”.

Barring any changes, SHS 1 students or first year senior high students are to report to Campus on 10th March 2021.

Three weeks before 10th March is the later stages of the month of February.

The GES would want students to adequately prepare before arriving at school so it is very likely the placements will come before the month of February ends.

How to prepare for school while waiting for placements

  • Get in touch with a Placements Card Seller so you can be among the first people to check – You can send them a WhatsApp message or Kindly call 0555475811 for inquiries.
  • Start buying things for school
  • Make a budget for the first term/year at school
  • Follow GES and other credible sources of information on the 2020 SHS School Placement

You can read more on how to prepare for school while waiting for the BECE Placements.


Although it can seem very frustrating waiting to know which school you have been placed in, it is worth the wait if most of the problems associated with the CSSPS are going to be non existent this time around.

Beware of fake websites giving fake dates for the placement. Stick to the official GES platforms and be on the watch out for the release.

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