How to Make Money online In Ghana as a student

The internet is the ultimate place that every student can take the opportunity of and make some cash whiles on studies. Today, almost all business opportunities are online.

Being a student in Ghana is not easy especially with the rise in the unemployment rate in the country which seems not to be curb anytime soon. Many successful online entrepreneurs in Ghana and the world at large started their journey during their university level. I can relate.

Somewhere in 2014, when I was in university, I faced some challenges with regards to tuition and other expenses. During that time, I was not all that acquainted with the internet money making stuff. even though I was somehow good in the tech niche by then, but I didn’t know how to use these skills to make some cash.

There comes someday when I happen to attend a seminar. This seminar was the first eye-opener to my online presence. during the seminar, I got to know there are many ways to make genuine money on the internet. After the seminar, I began to make more search and here I come today to show you some of the ways I use to make money online at that time.

These ways have proven to be my best ways and I believe you will also end up loving them whiles making the cash. But wait. I must be honest with you, your journey to making money online as a student in Ghana will require putting in extra effort otherwise, forget. If you are not going to think beyond the box and put in some dedication to the things we are going to discuss here, then just close this page and go look for other things to do. So with that being said, below are some of the ways you can make money online as a student in Ghana.

  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Starting a blog
  • Freelancing
  • Surveys
  • Crating a course/eBook

Creating a YouTube channel

I have always said this, YouTube is not only an entertainment site, neither is it only for information seeking. YouTube is also a money-making platform for video creators. If you should ask me today what’s my number one source of income online, I will tell you YouTube revenue. Somewhere last year, I’ve written a post on how to make money online by operating a YouTube channel. This post has gotten a lot of attention. Some of the readers do confess that they never knew one can make money on YouTube until the saw the article. You can check the article here, if you’ve not seen it before. To tell you what? YouTube was once the underrated money-making platform until recently. Many people consider the platform as their last resort. But those who already have the best idea of the platform took their chance and today they have become the top earners on YouTube.

I started my channel during my second year at university. Way back 2014, I created my channel and never even uploaded a single video. I was busy looking for other ways of making money online and never consider YouTube. Somewhere 2016, I then decided to create a video about WordPress theme. These videos turn out to be something else. The video got close to 20k within two months.

From this single video, I make the most money online. This money was what even helped me started my second source of income and that is starting a blog. So if you’re a student in the university, you can also start a channel today and who knows what the future hold for you. If you want to know more about the YouTube platform, then I recommend you to read this article.

Starting a blog

You have found yourself on this page, reading this article free of charge. But have you wondered how this information reaches you? or do you ask yourself why on earth will someone sit and write this whole article if that person will not gain from the write-up? This I think should draw your mind back to the fact that there is a monetary gain in writing. Blogging is a life-changing venture to many students in Ghana, myself included. Today, I eat from my blog, cloth and entertainment myself through blogging. Many students are good at writing and storytelling. This should be a perfect time they should start a blog. A blog is a webpage that an individual creates and write all his personal experience or story about something for people to read. Bloggers inform, educate and entertain their readers. As a student, you can start a blog on whatever passions you. There are a lot of things to blog on in Ghana.

You can start a blog and add your voice to the already existing blogs. The only thing you must consider is the value. You must make sure you add more value to what is already out there. The good thing is that today with the availability of numerous blogging platform, anyone can start a blog within no time and begin to write on the topic of his choice. We will not look at how to create a blog here but will like to refer you to this article for that.


Freelancing is now the order of the day. Previously, people didn’t understand this type of online money making job until recently. As I said earlier, I got to know about online making opportunities after attending a seminar. In that same seminar, I had a fair idea of what freelancing was. If you’re here and don’t know what freelancing is then I will take this opportunity to explain to you what is freelancing.

Freelancing has to do with doing someone’s job on his or her behalf for a reward. A freelancer is a person who does freelancing. For example, you can be a graphic designer who is been hired by a media house to design a program banner or flyer for them. A freelancer has no permeant employer. I have been doing the freelancing job for 5 years now and have gathered a lot of experience from this type of job. People all over the world contact me for the service I offer.

Today there are quite a number of freelancing sites in Ghana and the world at large. All these sites are what helps many people to get involved in freelancing jobs. As a student, using your extra time on this website will be of help to you. Even though is now difficult to break through and win a gig on most of the freelancing sites, starting a freelancing business at the university level will prepare you to a future online job.


Surveys have been an integral part of every organization. Companies pay people to give feedback on their products or other services they offer. Today, a lot of people earn some decent amount of money through an online survey. As a student, you can start making some cash online by taking simple surveys. There are many online surveys out there that you can sign up and start earning. we have gotten some concern from many people especially students that they have tried some of the sites and didn’t get lucky. That’s, either they reach the minimum withdrawal threshold and the providers failed to pay or they hit the threshold and they are required to do other tasks to complete the process. If you are one of those victims, then maybe the survey was never genuine from the onset. To get the best-paying survey, you can read this article.

Create a course/eBook

When you are a student, you are endowed with nice ideas and knowledge. Instead of you using all the idea for passing an exam, you can take part of your time to write a book or create a course for your fellow students to learn. I can remember when I used to create Microsoft access templates and sell them online using some third-party websites.

Yeah, I used to be good in Microsoft access. I create database templates using this program and then sell it to final year computer students who are in need of templates to help save them time and money in creating the database a fresh. This helps me in my course of studies and you can also do that.

Look at what you are good at, draw a “To-do list”, then make some search on the idea to get more insight into what you are intending creating a course on. This I think will be a great start to you and if you take that seriously, you will end up being the ultimate winner.

Wrapping up

Making money online as a student today needs a lot for efforts and dedication. If you’re a student looking to make money online, then I hope this article will be of help. There are many other ways to make money online as a student in Ghana but what I used and will recommend for all are the above-listed points. I’m done.

Now you have two choices, you can decide to take action by starting any of the above-listed points, or close the browser, fold your hands and wait for fortunes to locate you. The choice is yours. Thank you for your time and please help us share this article on all the social media platform you may find yourself. For further information concerning this article, contact the author on 0540589113. See you again.

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