NABCO Interview: Dates, What you need, Questions and How to Pass

For all the information about the NABCO Interview, read this. If you have any questions, kindly ask in the comments section, call NABCO or send them a support ticket.

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NABCO has set dates for Interview for all applicants who have been verified. Today, we present to you what you need for the NABCO interview, likely questions that will be asked and how to pass with ease.

NABCO is giving a second chance to all those who couldn’t book their interview or attend the interview, read more about it here.

Now that the first part of the NABCO registration is done, it is the turn of Interviews. If you already don’t know how to book your Interview appointment date and change your preferred district or you have not done so, you can read here.

Interview dates have now been separated module by module. So for each NABCO module, there are a set of dates where users can book for an Interview.

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NABCO Interview Dates (Module by Module)

Here are the interview dates by module:

1. REVENUE Ghana: June 18 – June 25

2. DIGITISE Ghana: June 26 – July 2

3. FEED Ghana: July 3 – July 6

4. CIVIC Ghana: July 6 – July 10

5. ENTERPRISE Ghana: July 11 – July 16

6. EDUCATE Ghana: July 17 – July 21

7. HEAL Ghana: July 23 – July 25

What do you need for the NABCO Interview?

Per checks by, here is the list of documents and IDs you need to have for the NABCO Interview:

  1. A printed copy of your Completed NABCO Application clearly showing your picture, barcode and unique code
  2. A printed copy of your Interview Slip
  3. Original Copy of your NSS Certificate / Proof of taking part in National Service (Original Copy)
  4. Original Copy of Tertiary Certificate (Degree, HND, Diploma, etc)
  5. ID Card used to register or any ID Card available (Voters ID/Passport/NHIS/National ID Card)
  6. A copy of your Biometric Birth Certificate (Not compulsory)
  7. 2 Passport Photos

You need to have all of them before the date of the Interview. Also, note that it is important to go along with the original copies of these documents. You should try to contact your district or NABCO to verify.

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NABCO Interview Questions to expect

Although Interviews have not started yet, we have a few very likely questions that officials of NABCO would ask.

Here are some questions that will likely be asked:

Why did you choose your preferred module?

How long do you intend to work at NABCO?

In case you are not chosen for NABCO, what will you do?

Are you currently working elsewhere? (They would still ask this if you stated unemployed)

Are you patriotic, and would you want to build your country even if there was no salary/allowance attached?

How to Pass the NABCO Interview

First, work on your appearance, look good and arrive early. Even if you chose the afternoon session, arrive early and get familiar with the environment.

Make sure all your documents are intact. Again, due to the large numbers, it is easy to disqualify someone over things like a misspelling of names of certificates and wrong ID type.

Let whoever is interviewing you know that you are ready to work, and committed to the work you applied for.

Also, gain a very good understanding of NABCO, what it is, missions and vision. You also need to read more about your three chosen module.

Don’t go there unprepared, and you will be fine.

If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments section below by clicking “show comments” and we will try to answer you. All the best.

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