What happens to your Mobile Money when your SIM is blocked?

Many people whose SIM Cards are blocked seem to be questioning what exactly happens to their Mobile Money account and balance.

If you have not registered your MTN Sim Card, you most likely have had your SIM blocked, and your calls, SMS, etc., are not working. You can not access MTN Ghana’s services due to the blocking.

The recent blocking of SIM cards has led many to ask if their Mobile Money balance will be secure, especially those outside Ghana who cannot register their SIM Cards, even with the SIM registration app.

Most of these people do not have Ghana Card, so there is no way for them to do the registration.

What happens to your mobile money account when your SIM is blocked?

Unlike a dormant mobile money account, we can say that when MTN blocks your SIM due to failure to register, your money will remain intact in the account. Some people with blocked SIMS can still dial *170# and access their Mobile Money.

However, it will be prudent to register as soon as possible or immediately transfer your funds or withdraw them.

It will continue to be more frustrating if you have not registered your SIM card; hence it’s best to do so if you can.

For those outside the country, MTN has an online portal for registration (if you have a Ghana Card). That could be utilized as well.


Your Mobile Money account is safe for now. However, the best thing to do is to register your SIM or empty the MoMo account of a SIM you don’t want to register.

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